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Are you adventurous enough to explore all the possible wild life and landforms in just one island? If so, Madagascar is an amazing place to be in Africa. Ecological and Natural diversity makes Madagascar such a beautiful island to visit. It’s a Great Red Island described by many as one of the earth’s paradise with its preserved Eco-system and breath-taking nature’s beauty in all senses. Do you want to book an accommodation in Madagascar? It is a wonderful destination. There are many reasons: a natural environment, a delicious local cuisine, old buildings and a wonderful culture. There are numerous hotels to book. You can book the cheapest budget hotels for €21,00 per accommodation. Do you want a luxury holiday? Then the price is about €93,00 per overnight stay. It is a popular destination for a sun holiday. You can also enjoy a great holiday here in winter. Book your hotel room in Madagascar right way! Compare the providers below and get started right away.

Capital cityAntananarivo
Average hotel room price€51,00
Spoken languageFrench, Malagasy
Official CurrencyMalagasy ariary (MGA)
Busiest travel timeMay to September
Total surface area587040 km2
TimezoneUTC+03:00 (EAT)
Flag AirlineAir Madagascar
Major Airport Ivato International Airport (IATA:TNR)

Information before you leave
Are you going on a trip to Madagascar? Make sure you are well prepared. The capital of the country is Antananarivo. In the hotel you pay with Malagasy ariary (MGA). The Madagascan time zone is UTC+03:00 (EAT). The most common language(s): French, Malagasy. They have about 29.611.714 inhabitants. The total area is 587040 km2. Most important information about electricity: the mains voltage is 220 V, 50 Hz and the type of plug is C / E. The international calling code is +261.

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The best regions for your hotel stay in Madagascar

Madagascar has special areas where you can spend time during your holiday. Choose from the available regions in the list below. We will then share additional data and check the possible hotel offers. Also explore hotel accommodations in Cyprus & Lebanon.

Populaire plekken in deze regio:

Explanation of public transportation in Madagascar

Madagascar has a well laid out public transport network. A good domestic airport is Ivato International Airport. Good transfers are available. The national flight company is Air Madagascar. They offer various destinations. You can also go there for a last-minute deal. On you will find additional explanations about: city tax (tourism), laws and regulations and residence permits (visas) and passports.

Top 5 Places To Visit In Madagascar Africa

1. Royal Hill of Ambohimanga
Ambohimanga, blue city referred as significant symbol of cultural identity as it is the birth place of Malagasy people. Many are interested in having a wonderful experience of watching lemurs and virgin grounds on this tropical island.
The great thing to know about this amazing place is Rova palace, constructed using cement made of egg-whites and 40 men were used to roll in position to fix the circular front gate.

2. Ranomafana National Park
It is packed with huge diversity of wild-life and home for wide array of birds and lizards and also 12 species of cute lemurs.
It is even more than worth visit to admire these funny-looking creatures that Madagascar is most popular for lemurs. One can have the wonderful experience of this most scenic place with its densely forested hills.

3. Ifaty
Ifaty, the name set to two fishing villages located on coast of southwest Madagascar. Coral reef that is 60-mile long is the natural barrier which creates coastal waters ideal for fishing, diving and snorkeling as well. This desert island destination is famous for its strange shaped baobab trees and spiny forest.

4. Nosy Be
Nosy Be, small and premier tourist spot that lure thousands of travelers across the world year around. It is known for its clear turquoise waters, tranquility and best seafood restaurants serving tasty seafood dinner on sand.

5. Île Sainte-Marie
It has lots to offer tourists and has colorful history of piracy. This sleepy island of Madagascar east coast is perfect for pirates due to its concealing vegetation and lagoons that is hard to navigate.One can enjoy many interesting activities in this amazing paradise like dive and surf, fishing, whale catching as well as awaiting sandy beaches for those who want to have a good beach experience.

Normal hotel rates

Madagascan hotel prices can be different every day. You can view the expected rates in the next scheme.

Accommodation typeCosts
Budget accommodation€21,00
Normal room€51,00
Exclusive lodging€93,00
Full weekend€153,00
Dining (per person)€13,00
Average rates for an hotel stay in Madagascar

Climate & Weather Forecasts June 2024

Madagascar is a special country. We define the climate as a Subtropical highland climate. The annual temperature is approximately 22,7 degrees Celsius. In winter it is a bit colder. Take into account about 18,4 degrees centigrade °C. Temperatures rise during the summer. Arround 25,5 degrees centigrade. In the schedule below you will find the weather forecast for the next 7 days.