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Russia is a land of massive size and corresponding culture that has had its part in shaping important world events and more than its share of natural beauty and great cultural treasures. The country can be considered old-world, the place of the world’s longest and most romantic railways, the birthplace of many of the world’s greatest classical musicians and writers such as Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov, Fyodor Dostoevsky, Anton Chekhov, and Peter Tchaikovsky, and a place of great Russian royalty and nobility. Tourism in Russia still leaves much to be desired, although this has been improving. Moscow and St. Petersburg are still considered to be the tourist hub for most of Russia. St. Petersburg, called “the Venice of the North” for its lovely bridges, many rivers, and old-world architecture, is Russia’s most European city. Its city center is one of UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites.

Do you want to book an accommodation in Russia? This is a special holiday destination. Some reasons to go here: a green nature, welcoming restaurants, old churches and buildings and a wonderful culture. You can choose from numerous hotels. A cheap budget hotel is available from €27,00 per room. Are you booking a room in a central location? Then the prices rise towards €76,00 per overnight stay. A sunny holiday is very popular here. It is also a beautiful country in winter. Book your hotel room in Russia easily online. View the featured providers below and find the best deals.

Capital cityMoscow
Average hotel room price€45,00
CurrenciesRussian ruble (RUB)
Busiest travel timeMay to August
Number of inhabitants144.713.314
Area of the country17100000 km2
Time zoneUTC+02:00 (Kaliningrad Time)
Flag carrierAeroflot
Major Airport Moskou Sheremetyevo Airport (IATA:SVO)
Official government

Useful travel information
Are you going on holiday to Russia? Good preparation is important! The capital city is Moscow. The general means of payment is Russian ruble (RUB). The Russian time zone is UTC+02:00 (Kaliningrad Time). The language(s) spoken here: Russian. The current population is about 144.713.314 inhabitants in the country. The country’s total land area is 17100000 km2. As for power supplies: the voltage of the electricity is 220 V, 50 Hz and the type of electrical sockets is C / F. The international access number is +7.

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Great regions for a hotel stay in Russia

Russia has special areas where you can spend time during your holiday. Below you will find a summary of beautiful regions. We will then share additional data and research the different hotel offers. Advice: also ask about hotel accommodations in Finland or Cambodia.

Populaire plekken in deze regio:

Top 4 popular attractions

  • Red Square: One of the most famous squares in the world, the Red Square in Moscow offers tourists and visitors the drama and history that characterizes past and present Russia. Lenin’s Tomb and St. Basil’s Cathedral are also recognizable features around the square itself.
  • The Kremlin: This is where Russian political power lies. It occupies a triangular plot of land covering Borovitsky Hill on the north bank of the Moscow River. The Red Square is just outside the east wall. It is the oldest part of Moscow and its complex consists of beautiful churches, palaces, and museums.
  • The Bolshoi Ballet: Moscow’s oldest theater and Russia’s most famous, the Bolshoi dates back from 1824 and features a world-renowned opera and ballet companies in residence. It was rebuilt in 1856 after a fire, a masterpiece of Russian neoclassicism that includes Apollo, patron of the arts.
  • Trans-Siberian Railway: The railway is the link between Europe and Asia and offers tourists a sense of just how big and beautiful Russia is, with stops such as Lake Baikal and the stunning Altai Mountains. The longest single continuing service in the world, the journey takes seven days from Moscow to Beijing or from Moscow to Vladivostok on the Pacific Coast.

Explanation about public transportation in Russia

Russia offers many options for public transport. A good domestic airport is Moskou Sheremetyevo Airport. Good transfers are available. The flag carrier is Aeroflot. They offer good conditions. You can also book a last minute deal. On you can read extra details regarding: tourism, tax, laws and regulations and residence permits (visas) and passports.

Normal hotel prices

Russian hotel prices can vary quite a bit. We offer a price estimate in the following table.

Type of overnight stayPrices
Budget accommodation€27,00
Normal room€45,00
Luxury accommodation€76,00
Weekend trip€135,00
Dinner (per person)€29,00
Expected rates for an hotel stay in Russia

Climate & Weather Forecasts June 2024

Russia is a beautiful country. The country has a Subarctic climate. The average temperature here is -5,2°C degrees. In winter the temperatures drop a bit. It is then (on average) about -29,7 degrees Celsius °C. Summer can get pretty hot. About 16,1 degrees Celsius °C. In the table below you get an impression of the weather of the coming days.

What are popular Russian diners?

Russia’s most recognizable food and drink, caviar and vodka, are readily available in many hotels and restaurants. Other Russian foods include bliny , crepe-like pancakes; pelmeni, a Siberian specialty filled with beef, pork or, lamb; v arenniki , filled with potatoes, mushrooms, or berries; and pirogi, large dessert pies. Russian soups are very flavorful, such as zelyoniye shchi or the winter stew solyanka. A popular Russian drink is chai, which is sweet tea served without milk. Vodka is sometimes flavored with herbs and spices. Popular vodka brands are Rossiskaya and Stolichnaya.