10 tips to find cheap flights

Imagine a plane flying with passengers in the cabin of one class. They all get the same service. But some of the tickets were purchased five times more expensive, and someone got that tickets almost for nothing. Travelling by plane is sure to be fast and convenient, but flights consume the lion’s share of the traveller’s budget. Searching for the lowest prices on flights can be very difficult and time-consuming process. In the age of modern Internet technologies, this process has become much easier, and today there are certain rules or secrets, if you will, how to find the best prices on airline tickets and save on the flight booking.

TIP 1 : Buy in advance
Experienced travellers know that the earlier you start searching for tickets, the more chances you have to save money. Airline tickets go on sale for 330 days prior to departure. But as practice shows, the optimal time to buy – 60 days. Check also: The Best Time to Book a Flight.

TIP 2 : Fly back and forth
‘Back and forth’ tickets of one airline are often cheaper than a ticket just ‘there’. Thus airline competes with competitors for passengers, and also has a guarantee that there will be no unsold tickets, and the aircraft will be filled.

TIP 3 : Fly Low-Costers
Low-fire (or discounter) – is a low-cost airline, offering low ticket prices due to the reduction of passenger services. Namely – the food and entertainment on board, insurance, baggage, etc. Low-cost airlines, as a rule, use the ordinary type of aircraft where passengers are not divided into classes, make a short (no more than 4 hours) direct flights, based on secondary airports and flying at an inconvenient time. See also See also cheap package holidays with flight and hotel in Greece and deals in Gambia.

TIP 4: Look for deals
Airlines regularly sell tickets as part of special promotions. For example, Autumn sale is often held when the summer holiday season comes to an end and passenger traffic in certain areas significantly reduces. Sale Tickets are being sold like hotcakes and such offers are time-limited. Not to miss the cheap ticket, you must either subscribe to the airlines or track deals by means of special services.

TIP 5 : Play on dates and days
If the time of departure and arrival does not matter when searching for flights just play on dates and days. +/- 3-5 days can save a couple hundred conventional units. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday – are usually the most ‘cheap’ days at some airlines. From Friday to Sunday and on holidays tickets can be more expensive.

TIP 6 : Look for last minute tickets
Many tour operators at tour exchange have unsold tickets for charter flights. For that reason, closer to the date of departure, such tickets become ‘burning’ and you can buy them just for nothing. However, you should be ready to fly at any time, at a pinch tomorrow. Routes are greatly narrowed because charters fly mainly to popular resorts.

TIP 7 : Fly indirect
Transfer flights – another way to save on airline tickets. Not very convenient option, but If money is more important than time, then consider a flight with a stop-over (especially if it’s long-distance flight).

TIP 8 : Stay for the night from Saturday to Sunday
Observe a so-called “Sunday rule” – to fly back for tickets with low cost, you have to spend a night from Saturday to Sunday at the destination.

TIP 9 : Use bonuses
Some airlines have loyalty programs, so-called cumulative bonus systems. Bonuses (miles or points) can be spent on the purchase of this airline tickets and a variety of additional services. In order to have bonuses and save money on airfare, you need to fly a lot, using the services of the same airline (or alliance) and enter its bonus program. Check also the Top 10 best frequent flyer programs to join.

TIP 10 : Hurry up
Flights with money saving booking end quickly, so it is important to have time to catch a cheap ticket!

Secrets of ‘hunting’ for cheap flight tickets are simple: the longer and more carefully you look for a ticket, the cheaper the price will be. If you want to find the cheapest one, you will probably do! So be sure that to reach out the journey of your dreams you needn’t be a millionaire!