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Everyone needs a holiday from time to time. But finding the right hotels, B&B’s or resort and, more importantly, finding the right price for your budget, can sometimes prove an almost impossible task. In fact, people are so put off by the estimated cost of going abroad these days, they simply give up trying to source a cheap holiday destination and instead stay in their own country. The experts of hotelroomcheck.com wants to help you.

What we do

With the use of online comparison sites and good old fashioned travel agents, you should, relatively easily, be able to compare holidays in terms of value for money and the right resort of hotel. When comparing holidays it is important that you do not let money rule your head. For instance, you may find an extremely good deal in terms of flight costs and hotel premium, but what if it is in an area that you dislike? Or what if it is a million miles away from the beach, major attractions and nightlife? A cheap price is important, but surely the quality of your holiday is even more paramount? Otherwise it could be an even bigger waste of money. On hotelroomcheck.com we provide you with great hotel destinations and give an overview of the best hotel partners.

Who we are

Hotelroomcheck.com is developed by a group of hotel-enthousiasts. When you compare holidays, it is advised that you use a hotel comparison website for a rough idea of what you can expect to pay. In order for them to provide you an accurate comparison in terms of price, however, you should refine your search as much as possible. For instance, do you want to be close to the beach? From where do you want to depart? How many people will travel with you? Only when you are specific with your wants and requirements will a comparison site be able to compare and contrast holidays and prices accurately. You can book hotels online via our partners and search cheap hotel rooms or luxury hotel destinations (e.g. with swimming pool, hot-tub, sauna, jacuzzi, beach and many more).

Book online hotels via our partners

Travel agents are probably more useful if you want to compare resorts. Our site may help determine average prices, but a travel agent will be able to tell you what each resort is like and what will probably suit you best. If you want to make further comparisons between holiday and hotel destinations, you should also read reviews and forums. Reviews are ideal, as you get to learn about other people’s experiences. You will also learn about good points and bad points of each holiday and will be able to make a conscious and accurate decision about whether the holiday will be right for you. The websites of our partners provide you with the best prices and hotel-rates, including reviews and accurate pictures.

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