The 3 best Croatian islands

Croatia is home to many beautiful islands. What are the best islands to visit? To help you decide, we have profiled three compelling choices for your impending island getaway to Croatia, so follow along and start daydreaming … your long awaited reward is soon at hand.

1. Hvar

Of all the Croatian islands in the Adriatic that you can drop in on, Hvar by far has the highest profile of them all. With plenty of palm trees accenting one of the most beautiful medieval town squares in the Balkans, you will feel like you have stepped into old world Europe from the second you step off your boat/plane.

A dominating fortress and a grand cathedral are the architectural crown jewels of the main town, and if you crave a view from the water, boat rentals are readily available for those looking to sail amidst the azure waters of this Mediterranean paradise.

2. Mljet

If you seek a less urban alternative, then Mljet is where you will want to set your sails towards, as this Croatian isle is known for its natural assets and its farms, which brim with organic and authentic local food. Covered by a dense forest characteristic of its Mediterranean biome, getting back to nature here will prove to be an easy task, while those looking to enjoy the finer things in life will love the abundance of tasty red and white wines at local vineyards.

3. Vis

Perhaps the hectic nature of modern life back home, repeated week to week for forty years, has truly taken its toll on your psyche. If this is the case, getting away to Vis could begin the healing process, as its isolation in the middle of the Adriatic (30 miles away from the mainland) lends itself to a slower pace of life that holds sway here.

When you lay on pebbled beaches no less beautiful than on the popular party islands closer to shore, it’s hard not to be shocked that they are utterly devoid of the masses one would expect in such a place. Also, food is passionately loved through many Mediterranean nations, is similarly treated here as a religion, which will lead to many sumptuous meals in your time on Vis.

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