Winter Attractions To Visit in Scandinavia

While many run away in terror from places like Scandinavia in winter time, those that see the immense beauty that this chilly season brings will find Finland, Sweden and Norway to have plenty of charms at this time of year. As long as you dress for the elements, your comfort will not be in question throughout your stay. The natural wonders, spirit-lifting festivals, and opportunities for outdoor recreation will be enjoyed without the mass of tourists that shrink away at the slightest hint of snow, cold and darkness.

If you and your loved one fits this profile to a T, we think that a trip like this would be warmly received on your end. The following three winter attractions to visit in Scandinavia highlight this portion of Europe at its best during the cold months of the year, so stop dreaming and start planning that winter holiday while we lay out a fun itinerary for you both!

1) See the Northern Lights in Finnish Lapland

Most people that live in the more southerly regions of Asia, America and Europe have never witnessed the alien-like yet beautiful spectacle that is the Northern Lights. The solar radiation responsible for the phenomenon normally doesn’t breach the upper levels of the atmosphere at lower latitudes, but towards the Arctic, it happens on a regular basis, allowing places like Finnish Lapland in the nation’s north to have optimum placement for this outdoor light show. When you aren’t viewing this at night, go cross-country skiing during the day, and try out a Finnish sauna … you’ll be glad you did!

2) Comb through Stockholm’s Christmas market

If you time your visit to Scandinavia to occur during the run up to the holiday season, you should make a special effort to see Stockholm’s internationally acclaimed Christmas market. Sip on some fine Swedish mulled wine while you admire authentic Swedish handicrafts, and be sure to get an ironic taste of reindeer sausage (tell the grandkids that it is deer or moose though!) during the run up to the day of Jolly Saint Nick!

3) Relive the 1994 Winter Olympics in Lillehammer, Norway

Time passes so quickly, doesn’t it? 20 years ago this past winter, the small Norwegian city of Lillehammer played host to the world for the 1994 Winter Olympics. If you have a thing for gliding down alpine ski runs, you can relive the runs that Olympians took all those years ago, or you can simply browse the town’s famed art museum if the weather isn’t cooperating. No matter what you choose to do, the scenery here will take your breath away.

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