Tips for a Cruise to Australia from the USA

If you are looking to finally go on that adventure of a lifetime just like you promised yourself you would one day, the following tips for a cruise to Australia from the USA will come in handy. As exciting as a Trans-Pacific cruise can be, there are practical concerns which need to be addressed before you can book your stateroom. In this article, we’ll run through some crucial steps you’ll want to take if you want this epic trip to go off without a hitch.

Our 3 best tips for a unforgettable cruise

Travel insurance
Once you have made the decision to go on a cruise, applying for travel insurance cover should always be your next step. Hop on the internet and search for Cruise Insurance Australia, and you’ll find a number of companies which will protect you from mishaps which could befall you during your time away from home. This way, you won’t have to worry about what you will do if a flight gets cancelled or if your room gets broken into, as you’ll be able to have any expenses arising from such incidents covered by the company you go with.

Stock up on Gravol
The Pacific Ocean is the largest body of water on the planet. As such, the likelihood of running into choppy seas at some point is a near inevitability. Don’t wait until you are thousands of kilometres from land to find out you get sea sick easily, and that the on-board pharmacy ran out of pills just an hour earlier. Hit up your local drugstore prior to departure, and buy a pack or two of this anti-nausea drug so you’ll be guaranteed relief should the motion of the Pacific Ocean make you feel uncomfortably queasy.

Plan to be away from home for as long as a month (or more)
Trans-Pacific cruises are not the same as trans-Atlantic jaunts: there is almost 7,500 miles of ocean lying between Los Angeles and Sydney Australia. Even if the journey was a straight shot between the two cities with no stops at ports of call, it would take 12 days traveling at full speed. Of course, you will be visiting some of the world’s most amazing islands on your way Down Under. These stops make many itineraries 24-30 days in length, and it doesn’t take into account how much time you’ll spend traveling and sightseeing in Australia upon your arrival.

Once you find out the length of time your desired cruise will be, put together a proposal with your boss so you can take leave from your job if you don’t start out with enough vacation time. Next, put a hold on mail delivery and make plans for a family members or kennel to care for your pet. Alternatively, look into hiring a house sitter, as they will care for pets, collect mail, cut the lawn, and give your house the lived-in presence which repels would-be burglars.

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