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The places to visit in Sweden are some of the world’s best kept secrets, and you will be amazed at the versatility of this incredible country. If you mention Sweden to people they can only often think of one, or two things connected with the country. However, you will be amazed at the amount of different places to visit in Sweden. Here are some of the best places to visit including some hotel tips nearby! Do you want to go to Sweden? It is a wonderful destination. The country is very popular: a beautiful nature, delicious food and drink, beautiful museums and a surprising culture. There are many different hotels. The most affordable budget hotels are available from €81,00 per accommodation. Are you booking a room in a central location? Then you pay an average of €166,00 per accommodation. You can enjoy a sun holiday here with your family. You can also enjoy a great holiday here in winter. Book your cheap hotel room in Sweden right way! Compare the hotel providers below and book rooms at the best price.

Capital cityStockholm
Average hotel price€126,00
Local languageSwedish
CurrencySwedish krona (SEK)
Best travel timeMarch, June & August
Area of the country449964 km2
Time zoneUTC+01:00 (CET)
AirlineScandinavian Airlines
Large Airport Stockholm-Arlanda Airport (IATA:ARN)

Information before you leave
Are you going on holiday to Sweden? Good preparation is important! The capital is Stockholm. The national currency is Swedish krona (SEK). The Swedish time zone is UTC+01:00 (CET). The most spoken language(s): Swedish. The current population is about 10.549.347 residents. The total land area is 449964 km2. Information about power and electricity: the mains voltage is 230 V, 50 Hz and the type of electrical sockets is C / F. The international calling code is +46.

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Popular regions for your hotel stay in Sweden

Sweden has special areas where you can spend time during your holiday. Please select one of the available regions below. We will then share additional data and view the available hotel offer. Tip: also inquire about hotel accommodations in Cameroon or South Africa.

Populaire plekken in deze regio:

Data about public transportation in Sweden

Sweden has an excellent public transport system. A popular airport in this area is Stockholm-Arlanda Airport. Good transfers are available. The national airline company is Scandinavian Airlines. They offer various destinations. Possibly you can find a last-minute deal. On you will find additional explanations about: tourist tax, insurances and residence permits (visas) and passports.

Standard hotel prices

Swedish hotel prices depend on many factors. You can view the expected rates in the next scheme.

Hotel classPrices
Basic accommodation€81,00
Standard room€126,00
Luxurious accommodation€166,00
Weekend trip€378,00
Supper (per person)€43,00
Standard rates for an hotel stay in Sweden

Climate & Weather Forecasts June 2024

Sweden is a special country. The country has a Warm-summer humid continental climate. The normal annual temperature is 2,6°C degrees. Keep in mind some cooler temperatures in winter. During this period it is about -12,9 degrees centigrade °C. Temperatures rise during the summer. Like 17,3 degrees Celsius. In the widget below you will find the weather forecast for today and the next 7 days.


Lapland is in the north of Sweden, and provides the picturesque snowfall, and wintery scenery straight from a book. The wilderness in this part of the country is spectacular, and certainly not for the fainthearted. Many people who travel to Lapland want to experience something totally unique, and tranquil. The world famous ice hotel is in this area alongside Sweden’s tallest mountain. Whether you decide to travel in the summer, or winter months there is plenty to see, and do.

Hotel tips Lapland

  1. Arctic Skylight Lodge
  2. Seaside Glass Villas
  3. Pyhän Asteli Resort


Stockholm is the capitol of Sweden, and is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. There is an unusual mix of the colored buildings against the reflection of the crystal waters create an amazing back drop to the city. There are several world class night clubs in the city that attract people from all over the world. The city is incredibly diverse, and is made up of a huge population of different cultures. You will be able to spend a vast amount of time exploring everything the city has to offer.

Hotel tips Lapland

  1. Hilton Stockholm Slussen
  2. Haymarket by Scandic
  3. Hotel Frantz

Skansen open air museum

This is incredible, and one of the best places to visit in Sweden. This amazing museum is the oldest of its type, and features hundreds of different traditional buildings. There is also a superb Sami camp complete with reindeer. The ancient workshops allow you to see, and experience how things were made in years gone by. You can pick up some Scandi treats in the quaint bakery, or watch the animals in the Nordic zoo.

Hotel nearby Skansen

  1. Hotel Hasselbacken
  2. Scandic Sjöfartshotellet
  3. Old Town Stay Hotel


Gotland is one of the largest islands in the Baltic Sea, and attracts both tourists, and Swedes wanting to take advantage of the great beaches. After you have spent hours relaxing on the golden sands you may want to take a trip to Visby. This is the best preserved medieval city in Scandinavia, and the terrific 3.4km stoned wall is breath taking. The wall circles the whole area, and was designed to keep the church, and the city safe.

Best Hotels  in Gotland

  1. Ardrebo
  2. Scandic Visby
  3. Clarion Hotel Wisby

The Gota Canal

This is one of the most popular places to visit in Sweden, and attracts thousands of visitors. This canal was constructed in the early 19th century, and was once the main waterway stretching a huge distance. Booking yourself onto one of the cruises down this canal is a fantastic experience. You will cross eight lakes, one river, three canals, passing through 66 locks, and including two seas. This journey is one that you will never forget, and it is a once in a lifetime experience.

Best hotels along the Göta Canal

  1. Söderköpings Brunn
  2. Göta Hotell in Borensberg
  3. Norrqvarn Hotell & Konferens

The Abisko National Park

This Park is one of the most stunning places to visit in Sweden, and is incredibly inviting, and intriguing. This area is the driest in Sweden, and has very little rainfall every year creating an unusual landscape for the country. The concept behind this national park was to conserve a piece of the northern areas, and continue to allow it to grow in its natural state. There is a research center within the national park, which studies the animals, and environmental conditions.

Best hotels near Abisko National Park

  1. Abisko Guesthouse and Activities
  2. STF Abisko Turiststation
  3. Abisko Mountain Lodge


Kungsleden is often referred to as the Kings Trail, and is one of the most popular hiking trails in Sweden. The complete trail is over 500km long, and allows you to see, and experience many different sites along the way. With purpose built cabins to sleep in you will be entirely back to nature when you embark on this trek. For a small fee you are welcome to use these huts to recharge your batteries before beginning walking the following day.


Inlandsbanan is a fantastic train journey that you will experience nowhere else in the world. Travelling across the Arctic Circle you can get on, and off the train when you feel like it, and visit the towns, and villages along the journey. This train travels for 1300km, and only during the summer months. You will be taken past some of the most stunning scenery in Sweden, and there are many places to stop on the way.