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The Northern Mariana Islands (Chamorro: Sankattan Siha Na Islas Mariånas) is a territory of the United States of America in the Pacific Ocean (Oceania). The Northern Mariana Islands are part of the Mariana Islands archipelago and the Micronesia region. The Northern Mariana Islands consists of the following islands: Agrihan, Aguijan, Alamagan, Anatahan, Asuncion Island, Farallon de Medinilla, Farallon de Pajaros, Guguan, Maug Islands, Pagan, Saipan, Sarigan, Rota, and Tinian. The Northern Mariana Islands are located on the tops of a volcanic mountain range. This mountain range is no less than 11,000 meters high from the seabed. All islands are hilly and also host a lot of flora and fauna. The coastline is mostly rocky with several bays and beaches. The waters around the islands are ideal for diving to multiple coral reefs, shipwrecks and caves. In the capital Saipan you can shop tax-free. Many remains of the first and second world wars can also be found on the islands. This is because the Northern Mariana Islands played an important role as a supply position. In addition, battles have taken place between Americans and Japanese.

Do you want to book an accommodation in Mariana Islands? Enjoy a versatile holiday destination! What makes this country so special: a wooded area, a delicious local cuisine, old churches and buildings and a wonderful culture. There are numerous hotels to book. The most affordable budget hotels are available from €88,00 per accommodation. Are you looking for a luxury accommodation? Then you pay an average of €170,00 per overnight stay. A sunny holiday is very popular here. But it is also crowded in winter. Book your hotel room in Mariana Islands easily online. Choose one of the hotel providers and book the best offers.

CountryMariana Islands
Capital citySaipan
Average hotel room price€125,00
Local languageEnglish, Carolinian, Chamorro
CurrenciesUnited States Dollar (USD)
Favorable travel timeDecember to June
Number of inhabitants58.000
Area of the country480 km2
Leading carrierMarianas Pacific Airlines
Main Airport Saipan International Airport (IATA:SPN)

Before you leave
Are you booking a trip to Mariana Islands? Below we offer some practical information. The capital of the country is Saipan. The national currency is United States Dollar (USD). The Marianan time zone is GMT+10. The official language: English, Carolinian, Chamorro. The current population is about 58.000 inhabitants in the country. The total land area of the country is 480 km2. Most important information about electricity: the current voltage is 120 V, 60 Hz and the plug type is A/ B. The prefix is +1.

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Popular regions for your hotel stay in Mariana Islands

Mariana Islands has beautiful areas to spend a holiday. Choose one of the regions below. We will then share additional data and check the current hotel offer. Also check out hotel accommodations in Thailand and San Marino.

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Data about public transportation in Mariana Islands

Mariana Islands has good public transport facilities. An important airport in this country is Saipan International Airport. Good transfers are available. The national flight company is Marianas Pacific Airlines. They offer various destinations. You can also go there for a last-minute deal. Via more background info is given about: tourism, tax, hospital care and passport control.

Standard hotel prices

Marianan hotel prices vary widely (based on regio & type of accommodation). We place a price indication in the list below.

Hotel segmentTariffs
Cheap hotel€88,00
Regular room€125,00
Exclusive lodging€170,00
Weekend holiday€375,00
Eating (per person)€25,00
Normal rates for an hotel stay in Mariana Islands

Climate & Weather Forecasts June 2024

Mariana Islands is a special country. The climate can best be described as a Wet equatorial climate. The standard annual temp. is 27,6 degrees Celsius. In the winter months it is slightly colder. During this period it is about 25,9 degrees centigrade. It is warmer in the summer period. Assume 30,0 degrees Celsius. Below you will find the weather forecast for the next 7 days.