Tokyo Travel Guide: what to see and do?

The bustling atmosphere within Tokyo is enjoyed by tourists who are looking for adventure and excitement from their city break. The area has a great sense of technological development and newness, representing to new and energy-filled Japan. Yet you can also find areas of historical insight regarding the city’s past.

A unique culture

Some of the new icons which have come to represent Japanese culture can be found within Tokyo. One of Japan’s favourite pastimes, Karaoke, means that there are venues up and down the city. For tourists, the karaoke houses in Roppongi are probably the best idea as they are accommodating for different languages. Another popular activity is the technological gaming such as Pachinko, which is similar to a pin ball machine, and can be played in most places around Tokyo. This gaming is acceptable for all ages within Japan as executive men even play after work or during lunch breaks. The largest centres can be found in Shinjuku and Shibuya yet there are many more around Tokyo.

Sightseeing in Tokyo

A great place to visit is the Shinto Shrine which highlights the great relationship between the two coexisting religions in Tokyo. The shrine has been weathered overtime, but this only adds to the appeal of its old wooden pillars which are plastered with votive papers from Shinto pilgrims. This is also the sight of one of Tokyo’s most impressive festivals, the Sanja Matsuri. This sees tourists and locals flocking to the parades which are filled with hundreds of portable shrines and costumes.

A great place for women to visit is the sento (public bath) in Kabukicho. This relaxing area is open 24 hours and allows women to bathe, have a massage and get some food in peace. One of the best features is the rotembiro, the outdoor bath which is situated on the roof, allowing you watch the sun go down in a relaxed fashion. If you wish, you can also stay the night and catch the next train back to your accommodation in the morning.

Free Places to Visit

There are some fantastic cultural spots which can be enjoyed for no costs.

  • The Imperial Palace allows you free admission onto its grounds to observe and explore the many shrines and temples. The ones which are definitely worth a visit are Meji Jingu Shribe and the Seneoji Temple which are exquisitely built and decorated.
  • You can also stroll around the Higashi-Gyoen (The East Gardens of the Imperial Palace) where you can enjoy the landscape and foliage alongside the free museum which exhibits the Emperor Showa’s extensive art collection.
  • The Ueno Park is also a popular spot due to it being famous for its cherry blossoms and lotuses which carry lingering scents throughout the area.

As well as the new developing Tokyo, there are also historically important areas to explore in order to get a truly rounded visit. Tokyo contains both these elements of Japanese life so is perfect if you wish for a holiday which will give you insight into both the history and present day life of the country.

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