What to see and do in Madeira?

The Island of Madeira is the perfect place for a luxurious break away. The scenery is breathtaking as the island is also surrounded by glittering expanses of water and has lush and exotic forestry in land. Many attractions centre on this stunning scenery; you can enjoy strolling around the natural wonders or maybe even dive into the seas to see the spots that exist under water.

Places to Visit in Madeira

The Lido coastal promenade has become well known over the past few years as it has many facilities to offer its tourists. The extensive leisure zone is lined with palm trees and has borders of exotic foliage for you to stroll along. The promenade links up with the Praia Formosa beach and provides exquisite views across the water. There are also three swimming pools to visit along the sea front; these have children pools, sea access, sports activities and snack bars.

Gardens of Madeira Island
You may also wish to visit the Gardens of Madeira Island; the wide expanses of lawns and parks have been expertly maintained and exhibit the great natural beauty that exists upon the island. The garden won ‘European Flowering City 2000’ and the prestigious award truly reflects the breathtaking nature of the garden.

Natural Sights
The Volcanism Centre and Caves are located in the village of Sao Vicente on Madeira’s north coast. The audiovisual presentations of volcano eruptions and the birth of the island are a great way to learn about your destination. You may also wish to visit the famous volcanoes as well as stroll around the beautiful gardens within the centre’s grounds.

Discover Madeira’s stunning natural beauty
There are a number of protected areas to visit which showcase Madeira’s stunning natural beauty. The Laurissilva Forest occupies over 20% of the island and contains extremely dense forestry. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is a great example of Portugal’s natural diversity as it hosts a variety of animals and plant life. The Desertas Island’s Natural Reserve is also popular with tourists as the islands are the home land of Portugal’s sea lions. The existing colony has a steadily growing population and is one the last remaining in the world. There are an abundance of other natural sights such as the Garajau Reserve, Rocha do Navio Reserve and Selvagens Islands Reserve.

Things To Do during your holiday

  • Scuba diving has become an important tourist attraction within Madeira. The mild climates and crystal clear waters mean that the seas are perfect for seeing such creatures as barracudas, dolphins and rays. There are several diving schools and many tourists visit annually in order to improve their scuba skills.
  • You can also spot underwater creatures on a whale and dolphin safari. The unique location of Madeira means that there are an abundance of whales and dolphins which pass by the island.
  • There are many different species to see as well as a variety of sea birds to spot. The cable cars, which run through the city, are a great way to see sights on land. There are several different tours that can take you across a multitude of Madeira’s attractions; these even include the remote forestry and green land that you can’t reach on foot.
  • From Madeira you can also visit other parts of Portugal including Faro, Lisbon and Albufeira.

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