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Moldova is a small, densely populated former Soviet Republic that has been independent since 27th August 1991. It is situated in south-eastern Europe, north of the Balkan Peninsula. With an area of 33,700 square kilometers (about 12,600 square miles), Moldova is the second smallest country of the Community of Independent States. It stretches 350 km from north to south and 150 km from east to west. In the north and east Moldova borders Ukraine and in the west borders Romania. The country’s topography is diverse, ranging from a steppe area in the North and South, to forested and mountainous highlands up to 400 meters in elevation in the centre of the country. This area retains its ancient name Codru, meaning “old forest”. These beautiful forests continue to hold great environmental importance. The underground water reserve, mostly drinking water, is estimated at 200 million cubic meters. The soil is black earth (chernozem) and is rich in humus. An extremely favorable combination of climatic and soil conditions creates high yields of cereals, grapes, tobacco, fruit and vegetables.

Would you like to book a holiday to Moldova? It is a surprising holiday destination. This country has a lot to offer: a natural environment, welcoming restaurants, beautiful museums and a very traditional and unique culture. There is a wide choice of hotels. You can book the cheapest budget hotels for €44,00 per accommodation. Do you want a luxury holiday? Then the price is about €81,00 per room. A holiday in the sun is very pleasant here. It is also a beautiful country in winter. Book your conveniently located hotel room in Moldova at the lowest rate. Compare the providers below and book the best offers.

Capital cityChisinau
Average hotel room price€55,00
Official languageRomanian
CurrenciesMoldovan leu (MDL)
Best travel timeApril to September
Number of inhabitants3.272.996
Surface area33843 km2
Flag carrierAir Moldova
Main Airport Chişinău International Airport (IATA:KIV)

Information before you leave
Are you booking a trip to Moldova? Good preparation is important! One of the most important cities is Chisinau. The national currency is Moldovan leu (MDL). The Moldovan time zone is GMT+3. The most common language(s): Romanian. There are about 3.272.996 inhabitants in the country. The total area is 33843 km2. As for power supplies: the mains voltage is 230 V, 50 Hz and the type of plug is C / F. The country code is +373. Moldovans reside in 21 cities and towns, 48 city-type settlements and more than 1,600 villages. More than 60% of the urban population is concentrated in the capital city of Chisinau (with a population of 800,000). The population of the Republic is predominantly Christian of different denominations: Orthodox (98%), Roman Catholic, Reformed, and Greek Catholic.

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Moldova has beautiful areas to spend a holiday. Choose one of the regions below. You will find more information and check the possible hotel offers. Also check out hotel accommodations in Germany & Canada.

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Administrative Division
Moldova is divided into thirty-two districts (raioane, singular raion); five municipalities (Balti, Chisinau, Comrat, Tighina, Tiraspol); and two semi-autonomous regions (Gagauzia and the breakaway region of Transnistria, whose status is still disputed). The districts are: Anenii Noi, Basarabeasca, Briceni, Cahul, Cantemir, Cãlãraşi, Cãuşeni, Cimişlia, Criuleni, Donduşeni, Drochia, Dubãsari, Edineţ, Fãleşti, Floreşti, Glodeni, Hînceşti, Ialoveni, Leova, Nisporeni, Ocniţa, Ialoveni, Orhei, Rezina, Rîşcani, Sîngerei, Soroca, Strãşeni, Şoldãneşti, Ştefan Vodã, Taraclia, Teleneşti & Ungheni.


Details on public transportation in Moldova

Moldova has an excellent public transport system. An important airport in this country is Chişinău International Airport. They offer reliable flights. The national flight company is Air Moldova. They offer various destinations. You can also book a last minute deal. On you will find additional explanations about: tourist tax, hospital care and visas & passports.

Average hotel rates

Moldovan hotel prices can be different every day. You can view the expected rates in the following table.

Accommodation typePrices
Budget hotel€44,00
Regular room€55,00
Premium lodging€81,00
Weekend trip€165,00
Dinner (per person)€17,00
Basic rates for an hotel stay in Moldova

Climate & Weather Forecasts June 2024

Moldova is a versatile country. The country has a Warm-summer humid continental climate. The annual temperature is approximately 10,7 degrees Celsius. In winter it is a bit colder. It is then an average of -7,4 degrees centigrade °C. It is warmer in the summer period. Like 24,8 degrees centigrade. In the table below you will find the weather forecast for today and the next 7 days.

What’s the history of the country?

The land on which at present lies the Republic of Moldova was populated since ancient times by people called “daci” and it is believed that its name comes from the the words “molta” (i.e. “multum” from latin) and “dava” (fortress). Another theory says that the name was taken from the name of the River which at present flows through Romania. In the medieval époque there were three Romanian regions : Muntenia, Moldova and Transilvania. Each region complied to its own reign and acted as a separate country. Moldova comprised territories between Carpathian Mountains (border with Transylvania), Nistru (Dniester, bordered with Poland) , The Black Sea, Danube, Siret and Milcov. For a long period of time it was fighting for its independence which was jeopardized by the Ottoman Empire. One of the Moldovan reigns, Stephen the Great (Stefan cel Mare) remained a strong personality in the Romanian history for his brave victories in numerous fights for Moldova’s independence. He kept his country independent and proud through all years of his reign. After the death of Stephen the Great his place was taken by weaker personalities who were not able to oppose resistance to the ottoman assaults. Thus, Moldova was conquered by the Ottoman Empire in 1512 and subjugated to it for another 300 years. After year 1700 wars between The Ottoman and Russian Empires for Romanian regions were a common thing. As a result, in 1812, the Russian Empire managed to win the part of Moldova named “Bessarabia” which comprised regions between the Prut and Dniester Rivers (where at present lies the Republic of Moldova) . Thus, for another 100 years Bessarabia was part of the Russian Empire. Only after world war I (year 1918) were all Romanian countries able to reunite into one country. However, it was not meant to last long and in 1940, the Soviet Union occupied Bessarabia. After the breakup of the Soviet Union, in 1991, The Republic of Moldova becomes an independent country with its first president Mircea Snegur. At present Moldova is a communist country with Vladimir Voronin as its president.