Mallorca Travel Guide: all you need to know

Within Mallorca there are attractions on offer suitable for all age ranges and holiday makers. Alongside the beautiful beaches there are great historical monuments and visually aesthetic areas and parks. Also due to this being a popular area is it advisable to be aware of certain problems and cultural traits of the area.

Parks in Mallorca

There are an excellent range of parks which range from tiny private spots to expansive landscapes. All provide tourists with great daytrips as well as some much needed peace and relaxation. The Parc de la Mar within the Palma area has some excellent views over the water front. You can also enjoy the abstract art dotted around the park as well as the Arc de la Drassana Musulmana which curves over the lake. The lake itself is also something to be admired as it is designed to reflect the Cathedral towering over it. Another interesting area is the Jardines de Alfabia which is again situated in Palma. This contains the historical gardens of the Moorish old manor house. There is an abundance of areas and walkways to explore within the garden such as the citrus groves, trickling streams and fountains alongside impressive beds of roses.


There are many excellent landmarks such as the Castell de Bellver located in Mallorca’s capital, Palma. This has a great Gothic exterior where the architecture is greatly admired by locals and tourists alike. As well as the sights which the castle has to offer, there are also great views of the surrounding area from the top of the building. Another excellent landmark is the Valldemossa Monastery which has a great historical presence. Built during the 13th Century, the Monastery offers tourists with stunning scenery of the mountains surrounding the area as well as the unique pharmaceutical chambers and wooden drawbridge within the building’s interiors. Within the landmark there is the Museu Municipal Art Contemporani which enables you to enjoy a day of culture and art as well.

Dos and Don’ts while traveling to Mallorca

Due to Mallorca being a popular tourist area there can be a problem with street crime such as bag snatchers and pickpockets. If you remain vigilant and wear your possessions across your body or in a money belt, this should reduce your chances of being a victim of crime. Something else to be aware of are the tipping ‘rules’ within Spain. It is obligatory to tip taxi drivers 5 to 10% as well as tips always being included in restaurant bills by law; very few other service workers expect tips. Other cultural differences include the smoking rules. Whilst Spanish legislation makes it illegal to smoke in many public areas there are also many pubs and bars which are perfectly accepting of smokers.

Within Mallorca there are many historical monuments to visit and parks to relax and enjoy alongside other activities, excursions and beaches. Yet due to it being a popular resort, it is advisable to research and remember certain difficulties facing tourists in order to make your holiday as relaxing as possible.

How to get there?

With the capital of Palma housing the only airport in Mallorca, it can get extremely busy during the summer months. The island attracts visitors from all over, including those from mainland Spain wishing to take a break and see the island and so with one terminal, it can sometimes get a bit hectic.

Save on your flight ticket
Airline companies offer some great deals on flights throughout the year but during the height of the summer season they tend to be a little more pricey. Many Brits choose the convenience of leaving the car at main airports and choosing from Stansted, Gatwick or Newcastle airport parking which is relatively cheap, and hiring a car when they get to Mallorca which is a convenient way of getting around and seeing the sites. If this isn’t your preferred option however, transport links across the island are good with trams, buses and boats available to transport visitors to chosen destinations.

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