Sharm el Sheikh travel guide

Sharm el Sheikh, usually known locally as ‘Sharm’ is a wonderful resort on the southern point of Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula. A holiday in Sharm el Sheikh is one of the most popular holidays in Egypt and has been for a number of years now. This is mainly due to the wonderful beaches, diving locations and desert views available from almost anywhere in Sharm. There should be something to suit almost everyone here and if you want to ensure great weather on your holiday then this is the place for you.

Discover the best hotels
The majority of accommodation available in Sharm el Sheikh is hotels and with well known names such as Hilton & Marriott being players in the hotel game here you will be spoilt for choice on a Sharm el Sheikh holiday, however, if you want something a little less commercialised then you will also find lots of local hotels and bed & breakfasts here. Some of the hotels here have amazing facilities with private beaches and diving schools being just some of the things that they offer. This means that if you just want to enjoy the wonderful weather and the ocean that you need not even leave the grounds of your hotel if you would prefer not to. You can even learn how to dive and then practice diving in the ocean just on the edge of your hotel grounds. See also our overview with best destinations in Egypte.

Fishing, swimming and diving
There is much to see and do in Egypt if you do decide to explore and some of the most popular things to do here include fishing, swimming, diving, shopping, quad bike rides through the desert, taking boat trips and enjoying the wonderful local cuisine. There is also lots of things that you can do that need not cost you a lot of money such as enjoying a wonderful walk or taking in some of the local sights.

Discover the local cuisine
The local cuisine is simply wonderful and whether you want to enjoy a refreshing ice cream cone while walking along the beach or try some of the wonderful meat and vegetable dishes on offer here at the beach side restaurants you will not be disappointed.

What is the weather like?
Temperatures vary widely here through the year with lows of around 12 or 13 degrees and highs of 39 or 40 degrees being the norm throughout the year. July is the best month to visit for sunshine hours and August is the time of year when you will find the hottest weather available to you, however, whatever time of year you visit you will generally find the weather to a little warmer than back home just because of the location of Egypt.

Enjoy the night life of Sharm el Sheikh
If you are someone who likes to enjoy the local night life when on holiday then be sure to check out Na’ama Bay which is home to the majority of the fantastic night life available in this part of Egypt. You will find lots of bars, clubs and discos here with a wide variety of music to suit almost every taste with everything from chart music to local stuff on offer. Whatever you decide to do in Egypt you are sure to have a wonderful time with your family and friends as there is something for almost everyone here and to suit most budgets.

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