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Traveling through Slovenia you can admire Alpine peaks and valleys, Pannonian lowlands and hills, rich, deep forests, the Adriatic Sea, numerous lakes, rivers and meadows and of course, the authentic Karst world with its stone, terra rossa soil and above all, its magnificent caves. The diversity of Slovenia is also visible in the character of our charming towns and cities.

More information about this destination
Do you want to book an accommodation in Slovenia? You can enjoy a wonderful holiday destination here. The country is very popular: a wooded area, delicious local specialties, architectural landmarks and a surprising culture. There is a wide choice of hotels. You can book the cheapest budget hotels for €79,00 per night. Are you looking for a luxury accommodation? A hotel room will cost you about €147,00 per accommodation. A holiday in the sun is very pleasant here. It is also a beautiful country in winter. Book your cheap hotel room in Slovenia easily online. View the featured providers below and book the best offers.

Capital cityLjubljana
Average hotel price€106,00
Spoken languageSlovene
CurrenciesEuro (EUR)
Favorite travel timeJune to August
Total surface area20273 km2
Time zoneUTC+01:00 (CET)
Leading airlineAdria Airways
Main Airport Ljubljana Jože Pučnik Airport (IATA:LJU)

Useful travel information
Are you booking a hotel for a trip to Slovenia? Read carefully about the local rules and protocols. The capital city is Ljubljana. The general means of payment is Euro (EUR). The Slovenian time zone is UTC+01:00 (CET). The most spoken language(s): Slovene. The country has approximately 2.119.844 inhabitants. The total land area is 20273 km2. Information about power and electricity: the electricity is 230 V, 50 Hz and the type of electrical sockets is C / F. The phone code is +386.

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The best regions for a hotel stay in Slovenia

Slovenia has special areas where you can spend time during your holiday. Please select one of the available regions below. You can then read additional details and research the different hotel offers. Also check out hotel accommodations in Zimbabwe and Australia.

Populaire plekken in deze regio:

Slovenian Karst

Karst is the name of a landscape and this word is used in many different languages to describe this natural phenomena. But the word itself originates from our landscape Karst (Kras) which has given the name to all others.

The Karst underground hides numerous caves; up to date more than 8.000 caves have been discovered. The Škocjan Caves are on the UNESCO world natural and cultural heritage list and they are worth while visiting to follow the stream of the river Reka into the world’s deepest underground canyon.

The Julian Alps are the home of Triglav, Slovenia’s highest mountain (2.864 m). There are more than 150 other peaks over 2,000 metres high. People in Slovenia are mountain lovers and this is the reason why Triglav is our national symbol. The Triglav National Park is the only natural park in Slovenia and also one of the oldest national parks in Europe. The Karavanke range and the Kamniško-Savinjske Alps also feature high peaks with stunning views.

A water rich country

Slovenia is one of the water richest countries in Europe. With an area of only 20,000 km2, Slovenia has 1,300 lakes, 28,000 km of watercourses and as many as 87 natural thermal springs. And when in Slovenia, you can drink the water right out of the tap. Our water is among the cleanest in Europe. Lake Bled is the most famous and most picturesque lakes in Slovenia with an island and church which can be visited only by “pletna” boat. Speaking of water, there are over 3,000 waterfalls in Slovenia and they can be visited throughout the year. Most of them can be found in the Soča River Valley and in the Triglav National Park. The valley of the Soča River is the first European Destination of Excellence – EDEN in Slovenia. 

It is true that Slovenian coast is only 46.6 km long but the sea that embraces it is one of the cleanest and healthiest in the world. Here you can visit the Piran Salinas with their extremely rich historical and natural legacy. They were first mentioned in 804 A.D., and today, along with harvesting salt, they are home to more than 200 different bird species

Outdoor Spa Centers
Salinas are also home to an outdoor spa centre. Salt-pan mud and brine, known also as “mother water” together with the mild Meditteranean climate and sea water have many health benefits. If you want to experience something unforgettable treat yourself with a peeling with Piran salt and your body will thankfully accept the beneficial effects of the mud and brine from our beloved Adriatic Sea.

Pannonia is the name of the land covered in the sea 60 million years ago. The name Pannonia derives from the Latin word “panem” meaning bread. In the times of the Roman Empire this land was its granary and the tradition of cultivating wheat, rye, oats, buckwheat, and corn is still alive in this territory.

Almost 60% of Slovenia is covered with forest and Slovenia is the third most forested country in Europe. Every year we plant around 1,2 million trees and if you drive only 60 km out of Ljubljana, you are in front of Kočevje Virgin Forest. But don’t go too deep into the forest if you are scared of bears. Between 500 – 700 brown bears live there, which is considered as a one of the biggest brown bear populations in Europe.


Information on public transportation in Slovenia

Slovenia has great facilities for public transport. A major airport in this region is Ljubljana Jože Pučnik Airport. They offer reliable flights. The national airline company is Adria Airways. They fly to different destinations. Possibly you can find a last-minute deal. On you can find more information about: tourist tax, hospital care and passport control.

Regular hotel rates

Slovenian hotel prices vary widely (based on regio & type of accommodation). You can find the average rates in the list below.

Hotel classPrices
Basic hotel€79,00
Standard room€106,00
Premium lodging€147,00
Weekend trip€318,00
Eating (per person)€27,00
Expected rates for an hotel stay in Slovenia

Climate & Weather Forecasts June 2024

Slovenia is a special country. Take into account a Temperate oceanic climate. The average temperature here is 9,6 degrees Celsius. In the winter months it is slightly colder. During this period it is about -4,1 degrees centigrade °C. It’s much more comfortable in the summer. About 21,7 degrees Celsius °C. Below you get an impression of the weather of the coming days.

Food and wine

Slovenia is divided into 24 gastronomic regions. Here you can look at a selection of dishes which in our opinion represents our cuisine in its most tasty, diverse and authentic manner. If your mouth is watering while looking at our pictures, we’ve accomplished our mission: to present the food in a way that you would be able to sense its taste and flavours even through the screen of your device.

People of Slovenia

Slovenia’s diversity offers a great opportunity to meet different people whose life is tightly connected with growing, harvesting or preparing food. Travelling through different regions of Slovenia you will have the chance to meet them and open as they are; they will gladly share some secrets with you.