New York City Travel Guide

Named ‘the city that never sleeps’, this number one tourist destination has many attractions which result in holidaymakers flocking to the city. At all points of the year, there are sights to see and events to get involved in making it perfect for a city break throughout the seasons. In this blog we share the best tips when traveling to NYC in the United Statses.


The amount of iconic places to visit means it is essential you research your trip in order to pick the sights which you desire to see. It is also important to remember that sights will be busy so you must give yourself enough time to enjoy them properly.

  • One of the most famous places to visit is the Statue of Liberty on Liberty Island. To get an amazing view out over the surrounding areas you can also climb the 354 steps to the very top and peer through its crown.
  • Another popular landmark is the Empire State Building which rises 453 feet from the ground. A typical romantic spot is the top of the building which provides you with impressive views over New York City. Again, this is an extremely popular spot, with over 3.6 million flocking there a year, so make sure you give yourself enough time to enjoy it properly.
  • As well as these two top spots, there are an abundance of other sights which are a must for any New York tourist such as Times Square, Central Park and the Rockefeller Centre.

Things To Do in NYC

  • A great place to visit is the Metropolitan Museum which journeys throughout mankind’s ages. Each section ranges from Ancient Egypt to Renaissance and to American masters so take your time and soak in each area’s information.
  • A great section to visit is the wing devoted to African and Native American art alongside the Egyptian area which even hosts the Temple of Dendur.
  • Another typical New York activity is a trip to Broadway and the theatre. If you search online previous to your visit, you will be able to find great value tickets as well as research the shows which are on at that time.
  • Some popular shows at the moment include The Lion King, Wicked and Hairspray which have gained great reviews and have a large influx of people visiting.

The most beautiful parks in New York

For something different to the usual bustling atmosphere of New York there are over 200 parks which can be enjoyed for a daytrip or an entire holiday. At Bethpage there is a vast green landscape alongside an excellent golfing range perfect for the advanced golfer. Within Central New York there are the Old Erie Canal State Park which is hosts a great walk along the historically important waterway and the Watkins Glen State Park which has 19 spellbinding waterfalls and a gorge path.

So, why visit NYC?
New York truly has everything to offer for tourists. There is a great variety of activities and sights suitable for all tastes. These include the relaxing walks along the hundreds of parks, the popular tourist spots which have become must-see sights and the culturally informative museums and theatres.

To sum up: the top 7 tourist attractions in NYC

  1. The Empire State Building

This remarkable building can be seen from many locations throughout the city, and it’s worth buying a ticket to get in and see it yourself. The best part is heading up to the observatory to get a gorgeous view of New York City from up above.

  1. The Statue of Liberty

Located on Liberty Island, this is the symbol of American freedom. There is a visitor’s information centre where you can learn all about the statue, an audio guide, and tons of great opportunities for pictures. When you take the ferry to the Statue of Liberty it also stops at Ellis Island, so you can see that as well if you want to.

  1. Central Park

If you’re thinking about taking a walk around the park, keep in mind that this place is huge! You can go to just enjoy the weather, take a bike ride, or have a picnic. Sometimes there are free concerts in Central Park, and there’s also a zoo, spots for fishing, and more.

  1. Broadway and Times Square

Whether or not you catch one of the shows, you’ll want to head to the area and check it out. There are tons of popular restaurants and shops in the area, as well as the many theatres.

  1. Rockefeller Centre

Though this area is best to visit at Christmas time, it has charm all year round. Visit during December and you’ll be treated to a huge Christmas tree, and many people making use of the ice skating rink. This is also where you’ll find Radio City Music Hall and a number of stores and places to eat.

  1. American Museum of Natural History

A great museum for both adults and children alike. One of the highlights is seeing the dinosaur bones and skeletons. In addition to the standard things to see, they also have changing exhibits, so you can find something different every time you go.

  1. The Museum of Modern Art

If it’s an art museum that interests you, the MoMA is one of the best. You’ll find art by modern, still living artists, as well as works by Van Gogh, Picasso, Monet, and other famous artists. Make sure to take advantage of the free audio tour if you’re interested in the history behind these art pieces.

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