Ultimate Auckland Travel Guide

Auckland is an urban area with a large population which attracts many thousands of tourists each year. This vibrant city has an abundance of different influences; there are many modern and traditional attractions as well as a range of cultures within the area. Auckland is the biggest Polynesian city in the world and this can be seen throughout the districts. The landscape is also exciting as there are many volcanic hills, harbours, beaches and islands to explore. Check also out these other destinations in New Zealand.

Things to Do in Auckland (New Zealand)

The harbours within Auckland are filled with many different boats as the majority of the city’s population own some sort of sea transportation. You can walk along this vast harbour and observe the luxurious yachts and boats on display. You can also go on ferry tours from the harbours which take you around the coastal areas and the deep seas which surround the city.

You may also want to walk around Parnell Village as you can view some of the historical sites which Auckland has to offer. There are many old buildings to observe which illustrate the architecture from the city’s past; these include the first settlers’ houses, the ancient church and cemetery. There are also some modern activities to enjoy in Parnell Village; the area has some of the best restaurants in the entire city as well as antique stores and some gorgeous Victorian buildings and galleries.

The Aotea Square is also a great place to view the historical and cultural sites Auckland has to offer. Some of the top places to visit are the Council Buildings, the Old Town Hall and the Aotea Centre Cultural Complex. The Auckland Art Gallery is also close by; this old building was constructed in 1887 and has a large collection of local artwork.

The best Parks and Gardens

Mount Eden and One Tree Hill are two places which offer great views across the entire city. These are volcanic areas which once housed Maori people in little villages – you can spot evidence of the past inhabitants throughout the area. Mount Eden is the highest point within Auckland; from the top of the mountain you can enjoy panoramic views of the surrounding bays, island and city. This mountain is also close by to the Eden Gardens and you can stroll around the flowering gardens once you’ve hiked up Mount Eden. One Tree Hill is named after the one lone pine tree which exists at its summit. Here you can view the burial spot of Auckland’s founding fathers as well as enjoy views across expanses of land.

Check out these beaches
There are also many beaches along Auckland’s coast which have great surroundings and a variety of water sports and beach activities. There are four beaches which tourists can enjoy; the Karekare Beach is ideal for surfers due to the wild and ferocious waves. You can also enjoy cooling down in the Karekare Falls after a short walk. The Piha Lagoon is enjoyed by families as there are many rock pools to explore and exciting walkways around the encircling hills. The Bethells Beach is a beautiful beach which was used for such programmes as Xena and Hercules; this area is also the home of Kiwis which you can observe from a distance. There is also the Muiwai Beach; this is ideal for adrenaline junkies as the great waves are perfect for experienced surfers.

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