Vancouver Travel Guide: everything you need to see and do

Vancouver has a wide array of sights which tourists always enjoy visiting. This metropolitan city has plenty of restaurants, bars and shopping districts for those who want to delve in the urban Canadian culture. Alongside the lively central areas, Vancouver also has breathtaking natural scenery to stroll around – you can enjoy cycling, hiking and water sporting within many different terrains. The city also has some iconic sites and tourist attractions which allow people to learn about the culture that exists within the city. You may also like these other top destinations in Canada.

Cultural Attractions

Many visitors enjoy looking at the cultural and historical pieces that are displayed within the Vancouver Art Gallery. The establishment is home to over 9000 pieces, this wide array of artwork means that there is plenty for tourists to peruse. The building itself is spectacular and was built in 1932 by Francis Rattenburg. The gallery also has activities for children – they can be kept entertained on the day out by drawing, painting and partaking in a variety of playtime activities.

Stanley Park
Many visitors also enjoy spending a day at Stanley Park; this is one of the largest parks to have been built within an urban city. The 1000 acres of land is perfect for those who want to stroll and cycle along expansive lawns and observe the natural scenery surrounding them. The higher points within Stanley Park will also provide you with breath-taking views across the entire city; this is even more spectacular during the evening hours.

Canada Place
Another popular site to visit is Canada Place – its situation on Vancouver’s waterfront means that it has become a dominant part of the city and it culture. The outside of the building is unique due the five sails which rise above the inlet. The interior of Canada Place is also spectacular as you can enjoy panoramic views of the entire city.

Festivals and Events
There are a large amount of festivals which take place within Vancouver which span across the whole year. An extremely famous event is the International Jazz Festival which occurs in late July. This 10 day event has top jazz players performing each year – this vast festival takes over the entire city as there are over 40 different stages at a number of different establishments. There is also a two day street festival which occurs in the Gastown district towards the end of the event.

International Wine Festival

A notorious spring event is the International Wine Festival which takes place in April. This is perfect for all wine lovers as there are an abundance of different events taking place throughout the city. You can enjoy tasting sessions and discussions where experts will talk about wines from over 150 different wineries and around 15 different countries.

Shopping in Vancouver

Vancouver has a plethora of shopping malls and districts; the Bentall Center Mall and Harbor Center Mall are the most popular places to shop as they have many big brand stores and fashion outlets. You can also delve into Canadian fashions and trends as Oakridge Center, Pacific Center and Park Royal Shopping Center. All major urban areas will also have boutiques and smaller stores for those looking to buy souvenirs for themselves and others.

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