Tips for traveling to Cayman Islands and getting around

If you are planning a trip to the Cayman Islands, there are two primary means by which you can get there. From the islands themselves, you can then go island hopping to the different islands for the purposes of exploring or shopping or for whatever purposes. The most common way to travel to the Cayman Islands is by plane. The main airport is the Owen Roberts International Airport and this is located on Grand Cayman. However Cayman Brac also has its own airport known as the Gerrard Smith Airport and both these airports are the point of entry for visitors into the Cayman Islands.

Because the Cayman Islands are a very popular holiday destination, there are constant flights into the islands and it is always possible to book a variety of flight options depending on where you are coming from and when you will be in the Cayman Islands. The man airlines that fly into the Cayman Islands include Cayman Airways – which is the national flag carrier for the Islands, American Airlines, Continental Airlines, Delta, Air Canada, and a host of others. There is also inter-island air travel and this will allow visitors to travel between the three main islands, Grand Cayman, Little Cayman and Cayman Brac. Air travel between these islands is provided by two airlines only, Cayman Airlines and Cayman Express.

Cruising into the Grand Cayman

Another way to travel to the Cayman Islands is via cruise ship. There are cruise ships that arrive at the Grand Cayman every day. These cruise ships have a stopover on the Grand Cayman which normally lasts about 6 hours while on their way to Jamaica or Cozumel. There are different cruise ships that service this destination including the Carnival Cruise Line, Princess Cruise Line, and several others including the Disney Cruise Lines. If you are opting to cruise into the Cayman Islands, it is useful to remember that you can choose the cruise class that you will be interested in. there are premium cruises and luxury cruises available and if you are not on a luxury budget, the premium cruise is worth considering as you will get value for money. If you are opting to cruise into the Grand Cayman, it is unlikely that you will be able to spend much time there. While on the island, the common activities are shopping and you will find many shops selling good quality imported goods near the port.

Sailing into the Cayman Islands

If you have access to a yacht and are considering sailing into the Cayman Islands, this can be an exciting journey. However you will need to plan your journey well and ensure that the captain of the yacht is well aware of the safety issues with reference to the islands. Things to look out for include unfavorable winds, the coral reefs and the time of year in terms of weather. When sailing into the Cayman Islands, it is possible to enter either at George Town on Grand Cayman or at Creek on Cayman Brac. You will need to seek clearance from the relevant authorities of course. Since the authorities on the Cayman Islands tend to be rather strict in enforcing the rules, ensure that you know the latest procedures and requirements before sailing to the Cayman Islands. Procedurally, then moment you enter Caymanian waters, it is necessary to fly the Q flag. In addition mosquito control officers will spray your vessel at a cost of USD$25 before you can enter the islands. When arriving the first step is to communicate with the port Security on VHF Channel 16. They will then inform customs and immigration of your arrival and advise you about yacht boarding procedures. As with all other ports of call, no weapons of any form are allowed and these must be submitted to customs. Fresh fruit and plants are also not allowed on the islands. It is also important to be careful with anchor chains that may damage the coral, and of course no dumping is allowed.

Traveling on the islands

Taxis are plentiful on Grand Cayman and the taxi drivers are usually friendly and very accommodating. If you would like a more eclectic transportation mode, then it is also possible to get on the buses that ply most routes. On the smaller islands, Cayman Brac and Little Cayman there is actually no public transportation therefore if you are hoping to travel on these islands, the best means is by renting a car or bike or even moped. In addition, if you would like to test your seafaring skills, you can also charter yachts or catamaran to explore the islands. These vessels usually come with a trained crew who are able to guide you on your sea adventure. The most affordable means of sea exploration is by local boat which will normally include a guide.

Conclusion about traveling to the Cayman Islands

Generally there is much to do and if you have an opportunity to explore the different islands, you will find it more interesting. If you are interested in a simple and direct route to your destination on the Cayman Islands, the best journey is to fly in and out of the islands, and you can save your energies to explore the islands while you are there. However if you have the time and the budget, a cruise into the Cayman Islands will be an interesting experience, although it must be remembered that cruise ships will usually spend less than a day on the Grand Cayman and therefore limit your exposure to these beautiful islands.

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