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The Caribbean Netherlands guarantees sun, sea and beach! The Caribbean Netherlands consists of Bonaire, Saba and St. Eustatius. Bonaire is the largest island. A perfect destination for those who love the deep sea south. Washington Slagbaai National Park is an important hotspot. Saba is a somewhat smaller island. Here you will also find the highest point: the volcano Mount Scenery. You can climb this volcano with a guide. Saba also has many options for people who love diving . The third island is St. Eustatius. This is a small volcanic island. St. Eustatius is characterized by the fact that it is somewhat smaller and less touristy.

More information about this destination
Do you want to go to Caribbean Netherlands? Enjoy a versatile holiday destination! The country is very popular: a natural environment, a delicious local cuisine, architectural landmarks and a very traditional and unique culture. There is a wide choice of hotels. A cheap budget hotel is available from €63,00 per accommodation. Do you want a luxury holiday? Then the prices rise towards €186,00 per accommodation. A holiday in the sun is very pleasant here. It is also popular in winter. Book your favorite hotel room in Caribbean Netherlands without hassle via the internet. Compare the best providers below and book rooms at the best price.

CountryCaribbean Netherlands
Capital cityKralendijk
Price of hotel accommodation€120,00
Spoken languageEnglish, Dutch, Papiamento
Official CurrencyNetherlands Antillean guilder (ANG)
Favorite travel timeMarch to November
Total surface area328 km2
Leading carrierAruba Airlines
Large Airport Bonaire International Airport (IATA:BON)

Practical information
Are you booking a trip to Caribbean Netherlands? Read carefully about the local rules and protocols. The capital city is Kralendijk. The national currency is Netherlands Antillean guilder (ANG). The Caribbean time zone is GMT-4. People speak here in: English, Dutch, Papiamento. The country has approximately 26.000 residents. The total land area of the country is 328 km2. Information about power and electricity: the voltage of the electricity is 220 V, 50 Hz and the socket type is A / C. The prefix is +599.

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Special regions for your hotel stay in Caribbean Netherlands

Caribbean Netherlands has different regions for a holiday. Please select one of the available regions below. We will then share additional data and check the current hotel offer. Tip: also inquire about hotel accommodations in New Zealand or Spain.

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Data about public transportation in Caribbean Netherlands

Caribbean Netherlands offers many options for public transport. A major airport in this region is Bonaire International Airport. Good transfers are available. The national airline is Aruba Airlines. They offer good conditions. With a last-minute deal you can save extra. Via you can find more information about: city tax (tourism), police and emergency services and residence permits (visas) and passports.

Typical hotel prices

Caribbean hotel prices vary widely (based on regio & type of accommodation). We offer a price estimate in the next figure.

Type of overnight stayPrices
Budget hotel€63,00
Standard room€120,00
Premium lodging€186,00
Weekend trip€360,00
Dinner (per person)€44,00
Average rates for an hotel stay in Caribbean Netherlands

Climate & Weather Forecasts June 2024

Caribbean Netherlands is a wonderful country. Take into account a Tropical climate. The annual temperature is approximately 28,0 degrees centigrade. In winter the temperatures drop a bit. It is then (on average) about 27,0 degrees centigrade °C. It’s much more comfortable in the summer. Assume 29,0°C degrees. Below you get an impression of the weather of the coming days.