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Since almost everyone is impacted by Tourism, You find that almost Everyone is Friendly, thus the Island’s Motto stands True: “One Happy Island”. Aruba has an awesome assortment of Fine Restaurants. We would not recommend an All-Inclusive Resort (Room and Food included) because you paid for hotel-meals, and will not experience the 100+ Fine Restaurants on this Island. Do you want to book an accommodation in Aruba? Enjoy a versatile holiday destination! What makes this country so special: a beautiful nature, a delicious local cuisine, old churches and buildings and a surprising culture. There is a wide choice of hotels. There are quite a few budget hotels from €76,00 per night. Are you looking for a luxury accommodation? Then you have to count on an average of €326,00 per accommodation. A sunny holiday is very popular here. It is also popular in winter. Book your favorite hotel room in Aruba at the lowest rate. Choose one of the hotel providers and book rooms at the best price.

Capital cityOranjestad
Price of hotel accommodation€153,00
Official languageDutch, Papiamento
Payment methodAruban Guilder (AWG)
Busiest travel timeJanuary to September
Land area193 km2
Time zoneGMT-4
Flag carrierAruba Airlines
Major Airport Aruba Queen Beatrix International Airport (IATA:AUA)

Information before you leave
Are you booking a hotel for a trip to Aruba? It is smart to read well in advance. One of the most important cities is Oranjestad. In the hotel you pay with Aruban Guilder (AWG). The Aruban time zone is GMT-4. The official language: Dutch, Papiamento. The country has approximately 106.766 citizens in the country. The area of the country is 193 km2. As for power supplies: the current voltage is 120 V, 60 Hz and the type of electrical sockets is A / B / F. The international access code is +297.

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Special regions for your hotel stay in Aruba

Aruba has versatile holiday areas. Below you will find a summary of beautiful regions. You can then read additional details and research the different hotel offers. Also check out hotel accommodations in Armenia or Malawi.

Populaire plekken in deze regio:

Tourist information
Aruba is a Dutch Colony. Although Aruba continues to exist within the Kingdom of the Netherlands, it functions independently. This is a plus because Holland pours money into Aruba and assist’s the Island in it’s Long Range Planning when ever possible. There also is a lot of Dutch Students working as Interns in Aruba’s Hotels and Restaurants assisting in the Island’s Employment needs. This is a plus for the European Markets because in most cases, these kids can speak three or four languages including English in most cases. Aruba’s has a Modern Airport and connects to many cities worldwide. Due to the fact that Aruba is a small island (about 20 miles long by up to 6 miles wide), almost everyone is impacted by the Island’s Tourism Economic Impact (employment or entrepreneurial). There still is going to be petty thievery but as long as you’re careful and not try to find yourself in a Dark Alley or leave stuff visible in your Locked Rental Cars, you should be fine.


Explanation of public transportation in Aruba

Aruba has good public transport facilities. An important airport in this country is Aruba Queen Beatrix International Airport. This is a very nice airport. The flag carrier is Aruba Airlines. You can book cheap tickets here. With a last-minute deal you can save extra. On more background info is given about: city tax (tourism), hospital care and passport control. Aruba has a very Good Medical / Hospital within 5 and up to 10 miles of basically where 95% of the Tourists Hang Out and Go. Most tourists are quit satisfied with the Professional Attention and Service of the medical teams.

Normal hotel rates

Aruban hotel prices depend on many factors. We offer a price estimate in the following table.

Hotel classTariffs
Cheap hotel room€76,00
Common room€153,00
Luxury accommodation€326,00
City trip€459,00
Dinner (per person)€46,00
Normal rates for an hotel stay in Aruba

Climate & Weather Forecasts June 2024

Aruba is a beautiful country. The country has a Tropical wet-dry climate. The average temperature here is 28,0 degrees centigrade °C. In winter the temperatures drop a bit. During this period it is about 27,0 degrees Celsius. It’s much more comfortable in the summer. About 29,0°C degrees. Below we show the weather forecast for this week.