How to check hotel rooms for bed bugs

Bed bugs can be real disaster whey you have to stay in hotels. It doesn’t matter how often you travel and where you stay, because if you take care of your health, you should check your hotel room for them every time. If you stay the night in a five-star luxury hotel, or if you are in a discounted motel, you need to check for them when you get into your hotel room (e.g. in Canada, South Afrika en New Zealand) . If you have been dealing with bed bug bites, you know how much time it takes to get rid of them. That’s why you need to know how to check hotel rooms for bed bugs.

Starting the inspection

These are several steps you need to take to check for bed bugs. When you’re in a room, do not put your suitcase on your bed until you take these steps. When you peel back the quilt on the bed you already can find some bugs. If you don’t know how to check hotel rooms for bed bugs start with the quilt and top sheet first.

How severe is the problem?

If you find any bugs at this stage, you have a severe infestation of bed bugs and must leave this room as soon as possible. If you are in a rental house or just moved into an apartment with them, it is better to realize that you have entered a huge problem. Do not disregard it. Bedbugs are not like ants. They will not just disappear overnight. You must make an intense treatment for them.

Where to look for?

Your next step is to take sheets off the mattress and carefully check for any infestation. Then turn the mattress and look at the back side. If you have bed bugs, you will see them now. You have to look very carefully in every nook and cranny. Bedbugs hide in dark places, but you can see several bugs if you take your bed completely apart.

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