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Mozambique is a place known for beautiful beaches with breathtaking clear turquoise waters, and exquisite cuisine. From balanced vacations for the whole family, an activity filled itinerary, to luxurious exclusive holidays and your dream honeymoon, there are packages made to fit your needs and your budget. The regio is popular for snorkelling, wildlife, historic heritage, diving, and fishing, among many other activities. Known for beach holiday escapes, honeymoons, and Portuguese cuisine, this beautiful holiday destination is perfect for remote island getaways and romantic retreats Mozambique also presents many opportunities for cultural interaction and eco-tourism. Bazaruto Island is just off the coast of Mozambique, and this amazing island destination is the ideal holiday escape, with pictureque warm beaches and azure crystal waters. Stunning wildlife, brilliant diving sites, and magical offshore islands, the Bazaruto Archipelagos provide the supreme island vacation destination. This is one of the few paradise destinations that can provide that perfect island getaway, a serene sanctuary vacation.

Do you want to book an accommodation in Mozambique? Enjoy a versatile holiday destination! There are many reasons: a wooded area, great restaurants, old buildings and a very traditional and unique culture. There are numerous hotels to book. There are quite a few budget hotels from €34,00 per room. Are you looking for a luxury accommodation? A hotel room will cost you about €141,00 per accommodation. You can enjoy a sun holiday here. But it is also crowded in winter. Book your conveniently located hotel room in Mozambique easily online. Choose one of the hotel providers and book the best offers.

Capital cityMaputo
Average hotel room price€88,00
Official CurrencyMozambican metical (MZN)
Busiest travel timeJune to September
Number of inhabitants32.969.518
Land area801590 km2
Time zoneUTC+02:00 (CAT)
Leading carrierLAM Mozambique Airlines
Large Airport Maputo International Airport (IATA:MPM)

Important info
Are you going on holiday to Mozambique? Below we offer some practical information. The capital of the country is Maputo. In the hotel you pay with Mozambican metical (MZN). The Mozambican time zone is UTC+02:00 (CAT). The most common language(s): Portuguese. There are about 32.969.518 citizens in the country. The total land area is 801590 km2. Most important information about electricity: the default voltage is 220 V, 50 Hz and the type of plug is C / F / M. The phone code is +258.

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Great regions for your hotel stay in Mozambique

Mozambique has different regions for a holiday. Below you will find a summary of beautiful regions. You will find more information and research the different hotel offers. Also click further to hotel accommodations in Morocco and Puerto Rico.

Populaire plekken in deze regio:

Holiday destinations in Mozambique

  • Bazaruto Archipelago: 30 km from the coast of Vilanculos is located Bazaruto Archipelago which has four renowned islands in the center of the 1971 established national park. The place is a superb destination for all types of water sports and activities. You can go for a dive to explore the plentiful marine life or opt to go for championship fly-fishing in the waves. The Bazaruto can be accessed by plane or boat.
  • Inhambane: Portuguese traders established Inhambane in 1534. This destination has clear white waters with beautiful reefs. It is referred to as a paradise for many fishermen and divers. It is a site that hosts annual dhow races which take place during the month of November and this activity has attracted vast group of spectators.
  • Vilanculos: This town is a stopover for numerous tourist who are journeying to the the four islands of Bazaruto.there you can unwind and rest or even soak in the many beaches in the area. You can also explore the area on dhows and further sail for deep sea fishing.
  • Maputo: Previously called Delagoa Bay or Lourenco Marques, Maputo is the capital city of Mozambique and is broadly developed to suit tourist needs with numerous restaurants and comfy hotels. You will enjoy a leisure walk along the wide avenues lined side by side with trees and move among the many historic buildings. You may enjoy the vibrant night life or enjoy a boat ride in the area.
  • Inhaca Island: This can be accessed using a ferry from the harbor at Maputo. Inhaca is a haven to a museum which archives the marine history in the vicinity. The historic light house is also open to visitors. There is also a local hotel to offer accommodation.
  • Maputo Elephant Reserve: This reserve is located south of the capital-city and stretches over 200,000ha of land and is speedily being developed. It has a panorama of raising and dropping country sides with a sea shore. That the park offers to its visitors. You can also see the more than 200 elephants, antelopes, hippos and crocodiles all in this beautiful reserve.
  • Ponta do Ouro: 15 km from the border is the point of Gold which is the most spectacular of all Mozambique resorts. One can also go diving to see view the diverse marine life or swim with the beautiful dolphins but only under strict guidelines. The neighboring landscape is perfect for those are interested in hiking, driving or biking across the country.
  • Beira: This is the capital city of Sofola province the second largest city in the whole of Mozambique. Beira is the last stop for a railway line and also has an airport. One can choose to sun bathe in the sunshine or swim at the Macuti beach or other isolated beaches neighboring the city. In the northern part of the highway is Gorongosa National Park which is being renovated but stays open to visitors.
  • Pemba: Pemba is the capital of Cabo Del Gado province. You may decide to look for souvenir in the many traditional markets where you will get a variety of items up for sale like traditional art done by the local Makonde people. Praia de Wimbe is near Pemba and it is a popular beach for honeymoon frequented by many visitors because of its diving activities around the coral reefs and its spectacular beaches with white sand.
  • Querimba Archipelago: Those interested in touring the untouched environment will pride in the rewarding visits they take to the 32 small islands just a distance from the Pemba coast. Because the area is under developed, transport arrangements have to be made prior to your visit. The island present a very beautiful panorama.

Explanation of public transportation in Mozambique

Mozambique offers many options for public transport. An important airport in this country is Maputo International Airport. This is a very nice airport. The national airline company is LAM Mozambique Airlines. They fly to different destinations. You can also go there for a last-minute deal. Via you can read extra details regarding: tourism, tax, public transport and the (passport) visa application process.

Standard hotel rates

Mozambican hotel prices can vary quite a bit. We place a price indication in the next scheme.

Type of overnight stayTariffs
Cheap hotel€34,00
Average room€88,00
Exclusive lodging€141,00
Weekend trip€264,00
Dinner (per person)€27,00
Standard rates for an hotel stay in Mozambique

Climate & Weather Forecasts June 2024

Mozambique is a beautiful country. We define the climate as a Tropical wet-dry climate. The average temperature here is 24,3 degrees centigrade °C. In the winter months it is slightly colder. It is then an average of 19,4 degrees centigrade. It is warmer in the summer period. Arround 27,7°C degrees. In the table below we show the weather forecast for this week.

Why choose Mozambique for a holiday?

A tropical paradise can be found in the East of Mozambique, not far from the picturesque Vilanculos, and you can get in on it through the holiday specials in Mozambique that are available. The pale soft beach sand and blue ocean waters will make you feel as if you have stepped straight into an idyllic postcard picture. This secluded part of Mozambique is considered by many to be the most breathtakingly beautiful place on the African continent. Untouched natural beauty will captivate you at every turn. The waters along this peninsula are warm and a feast for the eyes with its variety of coral and fish species in all colours. The renowned Nyati Beach Lodge is situated on the beaches of this idyllic setting. This lodge offers a unique experience to its guests. Guests can expect a luxurious accommodation that compliments the natural beauty of the environment around it. Those with a more adventurous spirit will find exploring appealing as this part of Mozambique is untouched and perfect in its natural magnificence.

Many consider the beaches of Mozambique to be the best of all African beaches. The more preferred beaches include Xai Xai and Bilene in Southern Mozambique. Stunning scenery, warm oceans and perfect beaches are just a few of the reasons why these Mozambiquan beach vacations make for the vacation of a lifetime. Nyati beach lodge is situated on the most popular of all the archipelagos, Bazaruto Archipelago of the country of Mozambique. The lodge itself is surrounded by over 10km of private beaches. Nature has been left undisturbed in this region of Mozambique where she quietly does her work and offers up the most magical and incredible scenery each day. Uncommon species can be seen whilst exploring the waters and beaches of this hidden paradise.

What to do during your trip in Mozambique?

When heading off to Mozambique, you shouldn’t be asking what you will do, but rather how much you can fit in while you’re there. The island is so full of activities that vacationers often ask the question, how will I do it all? Both on land and in the water, this beautiful island is rife with things to see and things to do. You could start off with a little windsurfing, waterskiing and wakeboarding to get the feel of the ocean spray on your skin. If you prefer to stay dry, you could even rent a sailboat for the day and take a loved one out on the ocean. There are guides all over the island more than happy to help you find the besy place to enjoy the sea air and even to take you around the Quirimba marina where whales and dolphins play.

In Bonito Bay in Morrungulo Mozambique, you can enjoy some of the most varied and tropical of fish on a snorkelling trip. Take a few moments to appreciate the gambolling dolphins or enjoy a view of the slow moving yet lithe turtles of the area. A guided snorkelling tour is the perfect way to spot all of the fish you never even knew existed, while guided kayak tours give you the perfect opportunity to spot and identify both underwater and land-based fauna and flora.

Once the sun goes down, a cruise along the island’s shores gives you the chance to appreciate the island’s night time beauty, while drinking some of the tropical fare. If you’re feeling particularly active, indulge in a game of beach volleyball, badminton or simply take a long run along the coastline. Many of the resorts have tennis courts, squash courts and spas to keep you busy no matter what time of day or night. And if it rains, take the opportunity to spend some indoor time playing board games or having long conversations in the warm, dry living areas. If you have the chance, explore the Bonito Bay area with its cashew nut factory and fishing village. You can even visit the site of wood producers and see how wood is processed on the island.

Are there options for diving?

The warm waters of the Algulhas Current flow southward through the Mozambique Channel, bringing with them a wide variety of colourful marine fish. The coral reefs that line the coast of Mozambique provide a safe habitat for these marine species, creating ideal dive sites for scuba diving and snorkeling. Dive Operators in Mozambique can be found in most major resorts, including Ponta do Ouro, Praia do Tofo, and near Bazaruto Island.

Can i go on a fishing trip?

Whether your game is bill fishing, rock and surf fishing, or salt water fly fishing, anglers of all types will find Mozambique to be an ideal sport fishing destination. Nothing beats the the thrill of hauling in giant black marlin, blue marlin, sailfish, kingfish, queenfish, Barracuda, tuna, and mackerel. Charter fishing boats in Mozambique are well-equipped with fish finders and GPS, more importantly, with experienced skippers and crew most of whom grew up along the shores of these waters.

Why is surfing so popular in this region?

The endless sandy beaches and warm tropical waters of Mozambique provide some of the world’s best surf spots. Ponta do Ouro is well-known for it’s superb pointbreak. If you’re just learning to surf, try further up the coast, where the gentle reef break at Tofo is a great place to practice surfing. But do keep an eye open for sharks!

What’s the best summary of Mozambique?

Mozambique lies on the East coast of southern Africa and on the western shores of the warm Indian Ocean. A number of popular islands famed for game fishing such as Inhaca island which is just a short flight from Maputo. Further to the north are Tofo and Barra islands which are excellent locations for diving holidays. The Bazaruto and Benguerra islands lie off the coast from Vilanculos. Going towards the far north is the Quirimbas Archipelago with islands such as Quilalea, Ibo, Matemo and Vamizi not far off the mainland from Pemba. This region is a the place to enjoy a honeymoon, diving holiday, spectacular game fishing holidays, or a simple family holiday. This si the way to escape from the today’s hustle and bustle world. Attractions also include snorkelling and a dhow cruise at sunset. It’s possible to swim with Dolphins, and to get close up views of Manta Rays. Mozambique can offer you all this and much more. By the way it’s now possible to drive to Mozambique via the Kruger Naional Park at the Gyriondo gate. Most travel agents can offer Mozambique travel services including accommodation in Mozambique, flights, car hire, diving or a complete Mozambique holiday.