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Uzbekistan is, with Liechtenstein, the only state in the world to be doubly landlocked, that is to say that you have to cross at least two other states to have direct access to the World Ocean. It stretches from the foot of the Tian Shan and Pamir mountains to the shores of the Aral Sea. The western half of the country is the domain of large desert expanses. In the center stretches the arid and sandy plain of Kyzyl Kum (means “red sand”), sparse with isolated heights (500-950 m above sea level). To the west, beyond the Amu Darya delta, is the Ustyourt desert plateau, culminating at 250 m in altitude. The eastern half of the territory is occupied by rich foothills and valleys, separated by the chains of the mountains of Tian Shan (4000 m) and Turkestan-Zeravshan (Guissar-Alay, 5000 m). The very fertile Fergana depression extends eastwards into the territory of neighboring Kyrgyzstan.

Would you like to book a holiday to Uzbekistan? This is a special holiday destination. This country has a lot to offer: a beautiful nature, great restaurants, old churches and buildings and a very traditional and unique culture. There is a wide choice of hotels. There are plenty of budget hotels from €20,00 per overnight stay. Do you want a more luxurious room? Then the prices rise towards €85,00 per night. You can enjoy a sun holiday here with your family. But it is also crowded in winter. Book your own hotel room in Uzbekistan easily online. Compare the providers below and book your accommodation online.

Capital cityTashkent
Average hotel room price€47,00
Official languageUzbek
Official CurrencyUzbekistani som (UZS)
Favorite travel timeApril, May, September & October
Total surface area447400 km2
Time zoneUTC+05:00 (Uzbekistan Time)
Leading airlineUzbekistan Airways
Major Airport Islam Karimov Tashkent International Airport (IATA:TAS)

Before you leave
Are you booking a hotel for a trip to Uzbekistan? Below we offer some practical information. The country’s capital is Tashkent. The currency is Uzbekistani som (UZS). The Uzbekistani time zone is UTC+05:00 (Uzbekistan Time). The most spoken language(s): Uzbek. There are about 34.627.652 inhabitants. The total land area of the country is 447400 km2. Most important information about electricity: the voltage of the electricity is 220 V, 50 Hz and the plug type is C / F. The country code is +998. Uzbekistan is one of the largest countries in Central Asia but also the only one that has a common border with the other four. The country has 6,221 km of land borders divided between Kazakhstan (2,203 km), Turkmenistan (1,621 km), Tajikistan (1,161 km), Kyrgyzstan (1,099 km) and Afghanistan (137 km).

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Tourist regions for a hotel stay in Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan has special areas where you can spend time during your holiday. Please select one of the available regions below. You can then find an explanation and view the available hotel offer. Tip: also inquire about hotel accommodations in Rwanda & Kazakhstan.

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Information on public transportation in Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan has a well laid out public transport network. An important airport in this country is Islam Karimov Tashkent International Airport. Good transfers are available. The flag carrier is Uzbekistan Airways. They offer various destinations. Also research the last-minute deal options. Via you can find more information about: city tax (tourism), hospital care and passport control.

Regular hotel rates

Uzbekistani hotel prices can be different every day. You can view the expected rates in the next scheme.

Hotel classCosts
Cheap hotel€20,00
Regular room€47,00
Luxury accommodation€85,00
Weekend vacation€141,00
Eating (per person)€15,00
Indication rates for an hotel stay in Uzbekistan

Climate & Weather Forecasts June 2024

Uzbekistan is a versatile country. Take into account a Cold desert climate. The climate is characterized by considerable temperature variations. The thermal amplitude can reach 20°C. There are also important differences between desert and mountainous areas. The rainfall is low except on the reliefs, where the rain falls mainly in March-April and October-November. In the plains, the climate is pleasant from May to early June and from September to early October. In summer, the temperatures are stifling: it is over 40°C in Tashkent, and 50°C in the south of the country. In winter (January-February), daytime temperatures fluctuate between 5 and 10°C. Climatic conditions favor the extension of desert and semi-desert vegetation. The forests (2% of the territory) only dispute the slopes of the mountains of the South-East. The enormous punctures of water, diverted from the Amou-Daria river towards the Karakum channel, in Turkmenistan, make the Autonomous Republic of Karakalpakstan (in the north-west) infertile, salinized and polluted. The east of the country brings together most of the population and almost all of the economic activity, in the forefront of which is agriculture. Below you get an impression of the weather of the coming days.