Top 5 Most Beautiful Lakes in the World

1. Dead Sea – bordered of Jordan, Israel and Palestine

Dead Sea is a name of a salt lake, not really the sea which located bordering with Israel, the West Bank and Jordan. It covers an area of 605 square kilometers by length of 50 kilometers and width of 15 kilometers. It contains 200 meters depth and inflow source from Jordan River. The Dead Sea is a lake which the water is 9.6 times saltier than the ocean. The Dead Sea is famous for its hypersaline water, easy to float, and mineral-rich black mud which is used cosmetic and therapeutic treatments at area of resorts.

2. Lake Baikal – The Most Beautiful Lake in Russia

Lake Baikal is located in the south region of Siberia in Russia. It is a rift lake situated among the Irkutsk Oblast and the Buryat Republic. Lake Baikal is an amazing lake in Russia and it is very famous for its freshwater which known as the largest fresh water lake in the world that consists of about 20% of unfrozen surface of freshwater in the world with the deepest at 1,642 meters. Describing about Lake Baikal’s age, it is over 25 million years old and it is the oldest lake in the world. Moreover, Lake Baikal covers a surface of fresh water of 23,615.39 cubic kilometers which makes the lake becomes the seventh-largest lake in the world due to the surface area. Lake Baikal is rich in biodiversity with about 80% of animal living in area of lake. Moreover, there are over 1000 species of plants grow within the lake. In 1996, UNESCO listed the lake as the World Heritage Site. Lake Baikal is very well known around the world for its amazing natural wonder with iconic landscape which attracting numerous visitors to come and see the lake every year.

3. Abraham Lake – Canada

Abraham Lake is a non-natural lake or a man-made lake created in 1972 where located on the North Saskatchewan River in western Alberta of Canada. The lake covers an area of 53.7 square kilometers by length of 32 kilometers and width of 3.3 kilometers with inflow source from North Saskatchewan River and outflow location to North Saskatchewan River. Abraham Lake is well known for its stunning view during summer and amazing frozen bubbles piling up together look bluish white cotton wool or white rocks which found underneath the lake during the winter.

4. Taal Lake – Philippines

Taal Lake is a natural freshwater lake which covers an area of 234.2 square kilometers by length of 25 kilometers, width of 18 kilometers and depth of 100 meters. The lake is located in Batangas Province on the island of Luzon in the Philippines. Taal Lake fills a large volcanic Taal Caldera which formed by great eruptions about 500,000 years ago. On the Volcano Island consists of a crater lake which known as the largest lake on an island or in Taal Lake. Also, it is well known as the Main Crater Lake or Yellow Lake with a stunning view of the lake and surroundings. The regular tours to the lake are available for visitors by crossing the lake to the top of Volcano Island on horseback.

5. Spotted Lake – British Columbia, Canada

We can find the Spotted Lake in Osoyoos, British Columbia in Canada. It is called as Spotted Lake for its multi-colored spots which are really visible and prominent and we can see its stunning view from the highway. The lake is considered as consisting of the highest concentration of numerous minerals including especially magnesium sulfate, sodium sulfates, and calcium sulfates and other several important minerals. Moreover, the lake is used for as therapeutic to cure diseases. This is what it is called as an amazing lake on earth.

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