Top 5 Romantic Places in Sri Lanka

Are you planning a romantic getaway to Sri Lanka? Check out these 5 destinations which have unspoilt beauty, serene sites, and tranquil destinations – this is, without a doubt, the best way to experience Sri Lanka. As an ideal romantic destination, there are a number of places to visit including:

1. Hunas Falls, Kandy

One of the most pristine destinations in Sri Lanka, Hunas Falls is a must-visit for anyone looking for a secluded getaway to spend with their partner. With misty mornings, romantic sunsets and all-round cool temperatures, this getaway is perfect to go for a nature walk as you hold your partner’s hands and savour the beauty of this little heaven together. Nature lovers will find Hunas Falls ideal because on location, visitors can embark on the Eternal Earth Project, an environmental program that oversees the planting of trees to reduce the amounts of carbon emission on the environment. There is no better way to add value to your romantic holiday than with this environmental-conscious act with your partner.

2. Rumassala Mountain, Galle

Nestled in Galle lies this amazing romantic getaway, hidden from the rush of daily living and awaiting your exploration. History has it that this mountain was the site of the fight between two famous brothers, Rama and Ravana. When Rama’s sibling faced death during the battle, the only solution was to get herbal concoctions from the Himalayas Mountains. The Monkey God offered to do this, and took a piece of the Himalayan ranges before tossing it to Sri Lanka to give rise to what we call Rumassala Mountain today. Loosely translated to the Beautiful Rock, this mountain offers panoramic views of the lush scenery alongside different species of plants.

3. Turtle Beach, Rekawa

Turtles on the beach at sunsetAptly referred to as Turtle Beach, this delightful destination in Rekawa offers visitors the opportunity to assist a turtle create its nest during the hatching period; the perfect way to show your partner that you will be present through thick and thin. Under a starry sky, you could declare your love for your partner even as the waves create a perfect backdrop for intimate moments.

4. Pigeon Island, Trincomalee

Made up of two sections, Pigeon Island is your preferred romantic getaway for a number of reasons. One being that water activities that couples could engage in include kayaking and canoeing, taking note of the conservation efforts have been put in place to preserve the island. With over 100 species of corals, and three times this number of reef fish, there is a lot more for nature lovers to experience.

5. Alankunda Beach, Kalpitiya

Wondering where to renew your vows, or where to go on honeymoon? Think no further than Alankunda Beach. The best time of the year to visit Alankunda Beach is between October and May, especially for those who want to savour the blissful experience of sun, sand and sea. Alankunda Beach is also ideal for a number of water activities including kayaking, kite surfing as well as sailing. How about declaring your love while sailing away into the sunset? Nothing beats the experience of this romantic getaway.

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