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Samoa travel is divided between two separate nations sharing a common history and culture but vastly different in make-up. Independent Samoa is the only destination with tourist appeal having two large islands, Upolu and Savaii, both with secluded beach resorts and budget fale accommodation, tropical mountain scenery, plenty of waterfalls and a rich culture and village system. Contrasting this and just 40 kilometres to the east is American Samoa which surprisingly offers little tourist infrastructure, few beaches although there are two National Parks with rugged coastal scenery and perhaps less surprisingly a withered culture eroded by Americanization.

Do you want to book an accommodation in Samoa? It is a beautiful holiday destination. This country has a lot to offer: a beautiful nature, welcoming restaurants, extraordinary museums and a very warm culture. There are numerous hotels to book. You can book the cheapest budget hotels for €60,00 per overnight stay. Do you want a more luxurious room? Then you pay an average of €167,00 per overnight stay. A holiday in the sun is very pleasant here. You can also enjoy a great holiday here in winter. Book your cheap hotel room in Samoa easily online. Compare the hotel providers below and book your accommodation online.

Capital cityApia
Average hotel room price€91,00
Spoken languageEnglish
Payment methodSamoan tala (WST)
Best time to visitJune to September
Number of inhabitants222.382
Surface area2944 km2
Time zoneUTC+13:00
Leading carrierSamoa Airways
Major Airport Faleolo International Airport (IATA:APW)

Before you leave
Are you going on holiday to Samoa? Below we offer some practical information. The capital is Apia. In the hotel you pay with Samoan tala (WST). The Samoan time zone is UTC+13:00. The official language: English. They have about 222.382 citizens in the country. The total land area is 2944 km2. Most important information about electricity: the voltage is 230 V, 50 Hz and the type of plug is I. The country code for phone calls is +685.

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Tourist regions for a hotel stay in Samoa

With only a few boutique beach resorts, Samoa is one of the least visited destinations especially given its relatively large size and ease of getting around. This makes it instantly appealing as a short holiday destination, but on the downside, service and friendliness fall far behind those offered by the professional set-ups in Fiji, Tahiti and the Cook Islands. For land lovers, Samoa is pretty hard to beat with outstanding scenery, a thriving Polynesian culture and the historical seaside town of Apia being one of the prettiest of the South Sea ports. But perhaps above all else, Samoa is the most affordable South Pacific destination to travel around and coupled with a decent network of unique beach fales, makes for an excellent backpacker destination.

On the water though, Samoa disappoints, unless you’re after surfing which ranks amongst the best in the South Pacific with year-round reef breaks and virtually no crowds. For snorkelling, scuba diving and sailing you’re better off heading to Fiji, Tahiti, Vanuatu or Tonga.

Select your region
Samoa has different regions for a holiday. Choose one of the regions below. You can then find an explanation and check the possible hotel offers. Advice: also ask about hotel accommodations in Denmark or Botswana.

Populaire plekken in deze regio:

Information about public transportation in Samoa

Samoa has good public transport facilities. A popular airport in this area is Faleolo International Airport. Here you book direct and indirect flights. The flag carrier is Samoa Airways. They offer good conditions. Possibly you can find a last-minute deal. Via more background info is given about: tourism, tax, hospital care and the (passport) visa application process.

Typical hotel prices

Samoan hotel prices can be different every day. You can find the average rates in the next scheme.

Type of overnight stayRates
Basic hotel€60,00
Standard room€91,00
Luxury accommodation€167,00
Weekend vacation€273,00
Dinner (per person)€29,00
Normal rates for an hotel stay in Samoa

Climate & Weather Forecasts June 2024

Samoa is a wonderful country. The country has a Tropical wet-dry climate. The normal annual temperature is 27,6 degrees centigrade. Keep in mind some cooler temperatures in winter. Take into account about 25,8 degrees Celsius °C. It’s much more comfortable in the summer. Arround 29,5 degrees centigrade. In the table below you get an impression of the weather of the coming days.

More information about America Samoa

American Samoa is a collection of seven islands administered and influenced by the USA and lying about 100 km to the south east of Apia in Independent Samoa. There are six daily flights from Apia (Western Samoa) to Pago Pago Airport on Tutuila Island, taking about 40 minutes, as well as direct international flights from Hawaii with connections to LA and other US cities.

Tutuila Island is by far the largest and most populated island of the group. Its coast is rugged, with few beaches and its mountains steep and covered in tropical rain forest. Pago Pago is the capital set against steep mountains and a deep and extremely attractive harbour. Apart from the capital town of Pago Pago and the commercial area around the international airport, the island is only modestly developped with a scattering of small traditional villages along the coast. The beautiful montain scenery and beach walks on the Manu’a Islands, 100km to the east of Tutuila, are protected by National Parks with few developments and little tourist infrastructure. Tiny Rose and Swains atolls lie a further 100km east of Manu’a

How to travel in Samoa?

Getting around by Public Bus is not very practical in Samoa although it is certainly an experience and one to give at least one go at, if only around Apia suburbs. The colourful buses are full of charm and they are a good place to strike up conversation with the locals. On the main island of Upolu, buses are cheap but timetables are erratic. It is possible to get to most places in a day, but getting back to your original destination the same day may not always be easy without a long wait on the road side. On Savaii, public buses are even more scarce and it is not yet possible to go the whole way around the island.

Car rental
Hiring a Car is the best way to get about, but this has its own draw-backs. Firstly, to hire a car, you’ll need to obtain a Samoan driving license from Apia. Once obtained, you’ll need a good map and a good sense of direction – the roads around Upolu are little more than country lanes and criss cross the countryside with no sign posts. Getting lost is fairly easy and it’s hard to find many of the most attractive sites and beaches which are mostly a little way off the main coastal highway down un-signposted roads. Savaii is a little more straight forward for driving, although again many of the best sites are off the main road. Car hire rates start at about ST$200 per day, and many companies don’t offer insurance. Driving is on the left (same as USA), speed restrictions apply and take extra care driving through villages and slow right down – village children are known to stone cars that drive too fast and if you hit a pig or even worse a person, the police advise you don’t stop for your own safety but rather drive straight to the nearest police station. The main road circling Upolu and Savaii is tar-sealed but four wheel drive is necessary to reach the sights off the main roads.

Cycling around either Savaii or Upolu is excellent, with lots of fale accommodation around both coasts and lots of sights and villages to see on the way. The coastal roads on both islands are quite flat and free of traffic, especially on Savaii which has recently been tar-sealed to a high standard. Unfortunately there are no organized cycling tours nor bike hire so you would need to take your own. You will attract a lot of curiosity from the villagers as tourists cycling is a novelty.