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Malta is a country archipelago that is composed of three islands namely, Gozo, Malta and Comino. It is situated in the Sea of Mediterranean and it is found in between North Africa and Sicily. The country represents modern and urban living with cafés, clubs, restaurants and nightlife in abundance. On the contrary, it also has distinct baroque cities and towns, relaxing villages and lively fish ports.  Malta has places that can make you live the life every moment of it or just let time pass.  Malta makes you enjoy life at its most basic one day and at its most sophisticated the next. On the other hand, if you have a short stay, island life in Malta from traditional villages to urban resorts experience is possible.  

Would you like to get an insight into the most beautiful hotels in Malta? It is a beautiful holiday destination. You can enjoy here: a natural environment, delicious food and drink, old churches and buildings and a very warm culture. There are numerous hotels to book. The most affordable budget hotels are available from €84,00 per night. Are you looking for a little more comfort? Then you pay an average of €128,00 per accommodation. A holiday in the sun is very pleasant here. Also in winter you can go here excellent. Book your own hotel room in Malta at the lowest rate. View the featured providers below and book the best offers.

Capital cityValletta
Average hotel room price€107,00
LanguageMaltese, English
Official CurrencyEuro (EUR)
Favorite travel timeMay, June & September
Land area316 km2
TimezoneUTC+01:00 (CET)
National AirlineAir Malta
Major Airport Malta International Airport Valletta (IATA:MLA)

Information before you leave
Are you going on holiday to Malta? Good preparation is important! The country’s capital is Valletta. The general means of payment is Euro (EUR). The Maltese time zone is UTC+01:00 (CET). The most spoken language(s): Maltese, English. There are about 533.286 residents. The total land area is 316 km2. Some additional practical info: the default voltage is 230 V, 50 Hz and the plug type is G. The international access number is +356.

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The best regions for your hotel stay in Malta

Malta has versatile holiday areas. Please select one of the available regions below. You can then find an explanation and check the possible hotel offers. Also check out hotel accommodations in Australia & Thailand.

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Data about public transportation in Malta

Malta has a well laid out public transport network. An important airport in this country is Malta International Airport Valletta. They offer reliable flights. The national airline is Air Malta. They offer various destinations. Also research the last-minute deal options. Via you will find additional explanations about: tourist tax, insurances and residence permits (visas) and passports.

Normal hotel prices

Maltese hotel prices depend on many factors. We offer a price estimate in the next figure.

Type of overnight stayTariffs
Cheap hotel€84,00
Common room€107,00
Luxurious accommodation€128,00
Weekend holiday€321,00
Meal (per person)€39,00
Standard rates for an hotel stay in Malta

Climate & Weather Forecasts June 2024

Malta is a wonderful country. Take into account a Hot-summer Mediterranean climate. The annual temperature is approximately 19,6 degrees Celsius. Keep in mind some cooler temperatures in winter. It is then an average of 10,4 degrees centigrade. It is warmer in the summer period. Arround 29,2 degrees Celsius °C. In the table below you will find the weather forecast for the next 7 days.

What is the history of Malta?

This country was once a part of the Empire of Rome that was held and controlled by a lot of factions throughout centuries, including Napoleon. The strategic military position of Malta is considered valuable and was desired by many. It became a British colony from 1814 up to 1964 and it gained its independence on September 21, 1964. The country only has meager areas of fertile land but its economic activity relies on its port and shipping facilities. However, it’s the country’s tourism that contributes to the major financial contribution.