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As you will soon learn, Bosnia and Herzegovina is not just a rafter’s paradise, but offers its visitors option for enjoying a variety of other water related sports. Situated on the Balkan Peninsula, this mountainous European country, formerly a part of Yugoslavia, accesses a small portion of the Adriatic Sea coastline to its south. This apart, it has for neighbors, Montenegro to its southeast, Serbia to its east, and Croatia to its west, southwest, and north. Bosnia and Herzegovina gained sovereignty on October 1991, and it soon gained independence from erstwhile Yugoslavia on the 3rd of March 1992.

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Are you looking for the best hotels in Bosnia And Herzegovina? It is a surprising holiday destination. The country is very popular: a versatile nature, delicious food and drink, extraordinary museums and a wonderful culture. Hotels are available for every budget. A cheap budget hotel is available from €40,00 per overnight stay. Do you want a luxury holiday? Then the price is about €101,00 per overnight stay. You have many options here for a sun holiday. There are also plenty of things to do here during the winter months. Book your conveniently located hotel room in Bosnia And Herzegovina quickly online. Compare the best providers below and book rooms at the best price.

CountryBosnia And Herzegovina
Capital citySarajevo
Average hotel price€82,00
Local languageBosnian, Croatian, Serbian
Payment methodBosnia and Herzegovina convertible mark (BAM)
Favorable travel timeApril to September
Land area51129 km2
Time zoneUTC+01:00 (CET)
Leading carrierWizz Air
Main Airport Sarajevo Airport (IATA:SJJ)

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Muslims constitute a majority of the population of Bosnia and Herzegovina, followed by Serbian Orthodox, Roman Catholic, and Protestants. Approximately 3% of its citizens are from other religions. The climatic condition of this country consists of short, cool summers along with long, severe winters. Its coastal areas receive a mild sprinkling of rainfall during the winter season. Sarajevo is the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina travel and it is its largest city too, with the second largest city being Banja Luka, capital of the Republic of Sparska. Are you booking a hotel for a trip to Bosnia And Herzegovina? Read carefully about the local rules and protocols. The capital is Sarajevo. In the hotel you pay with Bosnia and Herzegovina convertible mark (BAM). The Bosnian Herzegovinian time zone is UTC+01:00 (CET). The most spoken language(s): Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian. They have about 3.233.526 inhabitants in the country. The total land area of the country is 51129 km2. As for power supplies: the voltage is 230 V, 50 Hz and the type of electrical sockets is C / F. The international access code is +387.

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Great regions for your hotel stay in Bosnia And Herzegovina

Bosnia And Herzegovina has different regions for a holiday. Below you will find a summary of beautiful regions. You can then find an explanation and research the different hotel offers. Also explore hotel accommodations in South Korea and Honduras.

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Details on public transportation in Bosnia And Herzegovina

Though the citizens of the European Union, New Zealand, Australia, US, and Canada do not require any visas for entering Bosnia and Herzegovina, citizens of Serbia and Croatia can gain entry with just a valid ID. Sarajevo airport (SJJ), close to the city center and in the suburb of Butmer, connects the country with the rest of the world. Since taxis charge outrageous fares, tourists might well take a taxi, from the airport to the Ilidza tram terminus, and complete the rest of their journey to the city center via tram. Train services are available to and from Croatia, Hungary, and Serbia. The best way to enjoy the beauty of the country is through car travel, but the time taken to cover relatively small distances can be slow due to the mountainous terrain. However, this is not the case if one utilizes highways like the one that connects the Croatian border to Sarajevo. There is an abundance of buses available in Bosnia and its surroundings and this is perhaps the best way to travel, considering its extensive network. The younger generation is familiar with the English and German language. On you can find more information about: tax for tourists, hospital care and residence permits (visas) and passports.

Average hotel prices

Bosnian Herzegovinian hotel prices can be different every day. You can view the expected rates in the list below.

Hotel segmentPrices
Budget accommodation€40,00
Common room€82,00
Premium lodging€101,00
Full weekend€246,00
Dinner (per person)€15,00
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Climate & Weather Forecasts June 2024

Bosnia And Herzegovina is a special country. The country has a Warm-summer humid continental climate. The standard annual temp. is 10,2 degrees Celsius °C. Keep in mind some cooler temperatures in winter. Take into account about -4,2 degrees centigrade °C. It is warmer in the summer period. Like 22,6 degrees centigrade. In the widget below you get an impression of the weather of the coming days.

Places to see and visit

Rivers like Una, Neretva, Tara, Driva, Vrbas, Krivaja, and Sana provide tourists with an opportunity to test their rafting skills. For the uninitiated, the 2009 world rafting championship was held in the Banja Luka that lies on the Vrbas river. They can also enjoy canoeing and Kayaking on some of those rivers and their tributaries. Lovers of extreme sports will enjoy canyoning on the Rakitnica river, a tributary of the Neretva. Make it a point to visit the local markets and pick up souvenirs manufactured and sold by local artisans. Bosnia and Herzegovina is a bargainer’s paradise since local artisans quote inflated prices for such bric-a-bracs, especially for tourists.

Apart from these small markets, there are a number of large shopping centers too. While in Sarajevo, do no forget to taste the Cevapi, a dish of grilled minced meat and wash it down with any of the popular beers like Preminger and Banjalucko. For lodging purposes, one can select from a wide range of 2-5 star hotels, apart from hostels and motels too.

6 top places to visit in Sarajevo

Sarajevo is known to be one of the most amazing tourist destinations near Serbia in Europe. This place has some of the most remarkable historic locations in the world and tourists from all over the world love visiting this place.

  1. The Sarajevo War Tunnel is known to be one of the most interesting points and one of the most interesting landmark in Sarajevo. This tunnel is also one of the most historic places to visit in Sarajevo and is definitely a not to miss.
  2. The Old Town more popularly known as the Star Grad is another important destination to visit in Sarajevo. This place is known to be one of the most popular historic walking areas and is quite popular in the region.
  3. Zlatna Ribica is one of the most interesting and one of the most amazing bars and pubs in the region. This bar is known all over the place for being the most happening place in Sarajevo and is a place which is known to be a “charming nightspot”.
  4. The Svrzo House is another important tourist location in Sarajevo. This place is a museum and is known to house some of the amazing historical collections of arts and artifacts here. This place is known to be one of the amazing tourist destinations.
  5. The Sarajevo History Museum is known to be one of the main historical museums in the region. This place is known to be one of the major tourist areas. Tourists from all round who are visiting this place, never miss an opportunity to catch up with this site.
  6. The Colosseum Club is another place which is of major tourist interest. The Colosseum houses the only casino in the region and is known for its amazing architecture and design.