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Vietnam is a country which suffered severe instability and oppression in the past years. However, it has beautifully recovered from the damages inflicted by the war, and is now again a beautiful country with amazing sceneries and friendly people. The S-shaped country is located along the east coast of Indochinese Peninsula and peppered with magnificent beaches, ancient historic temples and colorful pagodas as well as luxurious hotels and skyscraper buildings in the urban areas. It is a progressive country who has not lost the feel of the past, which can be appreciated in Vietnam’s tourist spots. Would you like to book a holiday to Vietnam? You can enjoy a wonderful holiday destination here. You can enjoy here: a versatile nature, great restaurants, extraordinary museums and a very traditional and unique culture. Hotels are available for every budget. A cheap budget hotel is available from €17,00 per accommodation. Are you looking for a luxury accommodation? Then the prices rise towards €70,00 per overnight stay. You can enjoy a sun holiday here with your family. There are also plenty of things to do here during the winter months. Book your favorite hotel room in Vietnam at the lowest rate. Compare the best providers below and view the best last-minute deals.

Capital cityHanoi
Average hotel room price€39,00
Spoken languageVietnamese
Official CurrencyVietnamese dong (VND)
Favorite travel timeDecember to February
Total surface area329560 km2
Flag AirlineVietnam Airlines
Central Airport Tân Sơn Nhất International Airport (IATA:SGN)
Official government

Practical information
Are you planning your trip to Vietnam? It is smart to read well in advance. The country’s capital is Hanoi. The currency is Vietnamese dong (VND). The Vietnamese time zone is GMT+7. The language(s) spoken here: Vietnamese. The current population is about 98.186.856 inhabitants in the country. The area of the country is 329560 km2. Some additional practical info: the voltage is 220 V, 50 Hz and the socket type is A / B / C. The phone code is +84.

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Tourist regions for a hotel stay in Vietnam

Vietnam has special areas where you can spend time during your holiday. Please select one of the available regions below. You will find more information and check the possible hotel offers. Tip: also inquire about hotel accommodations in United States and Finland.

Populaire plekken in deze regio:

Populair Attractions

  • Ho Chi Minh’s Mausoleum: Located in Hung Vuong and Le Hong Phong Streets, Ba Dinh Square, Hanoi, this museum houses the body of Ho Chi Min, the reputed liberator of the people of Vietnam. His body is encased and protected in glass, with tight security in the whole mausoleum. There is also a museum nearby that showcases a collection of his military orders, pictures, and letters which show the important role he played in the history of Vietnam.
  • One Pillar Pagoda: Located in Ong Ich Kiem Street at Ba Dinh District in Hanoi, the One Pillar Pagoda was built to celebrate Emperor Ly Thai Tong’s popular tale. Tourists flock the pagoda to ask for fertility. It is believed that the pagoda delivers miracles. This pagoda is made of wood and with a design that looks like the lotus flower, which is the symbol of enlightenment for the Buddhists. Admission is free.
  • Halong Bay: This beautiful wonder is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It has wonderful caves and limestone grottoes. The Halong Bay has more than three thousand small islands, most of which are named depending on their resemblance to animals or objects, such as Dragon, Man’s Head Islands , and Incense Burner. The most amazing cave is believed to be the Hang Dau Go or the Grotto of the Wooden Stakes. Eerie images can be seen in this grotto. Day tours coming from Hanoi will cost around $24 US.
  • War Remnants Museum: Located in Vo Van Tan Street, District 3, Ho Chi Minh City ( formerly Saigon), the museum showcases the collection of weapons, pictures, and artifacts use d during the war. The former name of the museum was the Museum of American War Crimes. The museum can be viewed daily from 7.30am to 11.45am and then from 1.30pm to 4.15pm. Price of admission is $1 US.

Details on public transportation in Vietnam

Vietnam has an excellent public transport system. An important airport in this country is Tân Sơn Nhất International Airport. Good transfers are available. The national flight company is Vietnam Airlines. They offer good conditions. Also research the last-minute deal options. Via you can read extra details regarding: tourism, tax, laws and regulations and residence permits (visas) and passports.

Standard hotel prices

Vietnamese hotel prices can be different every day. You can find the average rates in the following table.

Type of overnight stayTariffs
Cheap accommodation€17,00
Normal room€39,00
Exclusive accommodation€70,00
Full weekend€117,00
Eating (per person)€13,00
Expected rates for an hotel stay in Vietnam

Climate & Weather Forecasts July 2024

Vietnam is a wonderful country. The country has a Monsoon-influenced humid subtropical climate. The average temperature here is 25,0 degrees Celsius. In the winter months it is slightly colder. It is then (on average) about 20,0 degrees Celsius. It’s much more comfortable in the summer. About 35,0 degrees centigrade. In the widget below we show the weather forecast for this week.

What do tourists need to know about Vietnam?

A visa is required upon entering Vietnam for tourists not from Japan, Nordic and ASEAN nations. Vietnam can be reached by plane. The country has three international airports, the Da Nang, Hanoi’s No Bai International Airport, and Ho Chi Minh. The busiest airport is the Ho Chi Minh. Although Bangkok is the major embarkation point for travelers going to Vietnam, tourists can go directly to the country from the United States, Thailand, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, China, and Cambodia. Travelers from China may cross the Vietnamese border at Dong Dang (Friendship Pass), at Lo Cai, and at Moi Cai but this is seldom used. There are also border crossings between Vietnam and Laos, and Vietnam and Cambodia. Traveling within Vietnam is possible through domestic planes operated by the Vietnam Airlines and the Pacific Airlines. Vietnam has a major train system, the Reunification Express, running between Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi. Vietnam has long-distance public buses traveling to major cities in the country. Open tour buses are also available and are run by tour agencies. Driving cars is not allowed for foreigners. However, tourists can hire a car with a driver, or go around Vietnam by bicycle. There are also motorcycle taxis which are fairly inexpensive. A taxi ride within the city will cost around 5000 Dong. Tourists may ride motorcycles but a license is required. Boat tours are suggested when touring Hue, Nha Trang, Halong Bay, and anywhere in the Mekong region.