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Dotting the warm deep blue waters of the Indian Ocean is the nature’s favorite, Maldives Islands. Blessed in abundance with natural beauty, these islands are home to white sand beaches, exquisite coral reefs, breathtaking sunrises and sunsets, vibrant marine life perfect for a diving holiday and swaying palm trees. Travelers across the globe find it hard to resist the lure of its warm tropical weather, welcoming smile of locals and superb resorts built on private islands. The Maldives, an exotic and mysterious place with luxurious vegetation, sandy beaches, beautiful and tranquil atolls, are now one of the most precious places on earth. Everything there makes you wonder if you’re still on this world or you’re in heaven. As the famous explorer Cousteau said about these marvelous islands, “man is a guest in this paradise.” Placed in the middle of the Indian Ocean, the Maldives area highly appreciated holiday destination for their incredible natural beauty, bright blue skies, all-year sunshine, fantastic diving and snorkeling in virgin lagoons, eccentric and pampering resorts and bungalows. But, if you want to enjoy all that Maldives have to offer, then you should plan your trip according to the change of seasons.

Summer season & winter season
Don’t rush going to The Maldives if you have no idea what kind of weather these islands have. First of all the success of your holiday there depends on your preferences: if you prefer the hot and sunny summer seasons or the cool and wet rainy days. The islands of Maldive are in the tropical regions and this means that the climate there is hot, humid and dry most of the time. Besides, the islands are under the influence of the monsoons from July to August, when the southwest monsoon brings the showers and from November to March when the northeast monsoons plays its rainy drama. If you wish to fully enjoy the charm of these islands and have a few more hours of sunshine, then the best season for visiting the Maldives is in summer. But the summer season in Maldives is not the same with the summer in the temperate climate. In Maldives, summer starts in December and ends in April. This is the dry and therefore the high time season for the luxurious resorts and hotels spas because this is the time when you have to be really lucky to find an available room in a hotel as many tourists prefer to go there on Christmas and New Year’s Eve. You may visit the islands during winter if you like cloudy weather. Between May and November, the sky is cloudy, the air is humid and it pours most of the time.

Book your holiday
A wonderful holiday to Maldives? This is a special holiday destination. Some reasons to go here: a green nature, delicious food and drink, beautiful museums and a wonderful culture. There are many different hotels. A cheap budget hotel is available from €93,00 per overnight stay. Are you looking for a luxury accommodation? A hotel room will cost you about €219,00 per night. You have many options here for a sun holiday. It is also popular in winter. Book your conveniently located hotel room in Maldives right way! Compare our favorite hotel websites below and book the best offers.

Capital cityMale
Price of hotel accommodation€121,00
Payment methodMaldivian rufiyaa (MVR)
Best time to visitDecember to February
Total surface area300 km2
Time zoneUTC+05:00
Leading airlineMaldivian Airlines
Central Airport Malé International Airport (IATA:MLE)

Information before you leave
Are you booking a hotel for a trip to Maldives? Prepare yourself well! The country’s capital is Male. In the hotel you pay with Maldivian rufiyaa (MVR). The Maldivian time zone is UTC+05:00. The language(s) spoken here: Dhivehi. The country has approximately 523.787 inhabitants in the country. The total land area of the country is 300 km2. Most important information about electricity: the current voltage is 230 V, 50 Hz and the type of plug is C / D / G / L. The international country code is +960.

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The best regions for a hotel stay in Maldives

Maldives has versatile holiday areas. Below you will find a summary of beautiful regions. You can then read additional details and research the different hotel offers. Also click further to hotel accommodations in Dominican Republic and Sri Lanka.

Populaire plekken in deze regio:

Information about public transportation in Maldives

Maldives offers many options for public transport. A good domestic airport is Malé International Airport. Here you book direct and indirect flights. The national flight company is Maldivian Airlines. They fly to different destinations. Possibly you can find a last-minute deal. On you will find additional explanations about: tourism, tax, police and emergency services and the (passport) visa application process. Even if geographically isolated, the Maldives is easily reachable from anywhere in Europe, the Middle-East and Southeast Asia, due to its popularity in tourist circles. While Malé is nine to eleven hours from Europe, Dubai and Singapore are four hours away and Colombo is just an hour’s journey by air. All international flights touch down in Malé International Airport, situated in Hulhulé Island that houses only the airport and related facilities. Hulhulé Island is fifteen minutes’ dhoni ride from Malé. The airport is modern, compact and well-equipped with duty-free and souvenir shops, restaurants and medical, banking and postal facilities. The airport also has a five-star hotel, Hulhulé Island Hotel. Taxis, motorbikes and walking are the options for getting around Malé. To reach resorts located in private islands, individual resorts arrange transfers on seaplane, speedboat or dhoni, depending on the distance to be covered. Scheduled ferries are available for island-hopping.

Average hotel prices

Maldivian hotel prices can vary quite a bit. You can find the average rates in the next scheme.

Hotel classCosts
Cheap accommodation€93,00
Average room€121,00
Premium lodging€219,00
City trip€363,00
Eating (per person)€24,00
Average rates for an hotel stay in Maldives

Climate & Weather Forecasts June 2024

Maldives is a special country. Take into account a Tropical monsoon and trade-wind littoral climate. The average temperature here is 27,8°C degrees. In winter the temperatures drop a bit. It is then (on average) about 27,2 degrees centigrade. In the summer it is warmer. Like 28,9 degrees centigrade. In the widget below we show the weather forecast for this week.

Things to do while you in Maldives Islands

Incredible diversity in marine flora and fauna and presence of pristine coral reefs make Maldivian waters a delightful experience for divers and snorkelers. The islands have thousands of dive sites; each with its own unique features and thrills. High levels of visibility up to fifty meters and thousands of species of underwater life forms make Maldivian waters a diver’s paradise. A wide range of water sports and water-based activities are on offer for visitors here; the most popular among them are windsurfing, catamaran sailing, parasailing, kayaking, kite-surfing, waterskiing and jet skiing.

The ideal way to understand the lifestyle of ordinary Maldivians is to travel to populated islands. Scheduled and customized excursions are offered to visitors to suit individual needs. Island-hopping, night-fishing, seaplane expedition and Malé tour are some of the popular scheduled excursions available. The tranquil atmosphere of Maldivian islands makes them perfect for spa and wellness treatments. The spas here are renowned for their exclusive therapies, health and beauty treatments and rejuvenation procedures such as aromatherapy and host of massages using diverse techniques from traditional Asian to authentic European. These spas come complete with Jacuzzis, sauna and steam rooms.

What’s the geographical location?

The Maldives Islands comprises of 1190 coral islands grouped into 26 circular atolls, lying in two rows straddling the equator over an area of 90,000sqkm. Only 200 islands are inhabited by locals and some 90 more are developed as tourist resorts. The islands are low-lying; the highest point barely eight feet above sea level. Ring-shaped atolls enclose lagoons in which islands are located. Because of their unique placement in lagoons, these islands are protected from harsh winds and waves. This paves way for the exclusive Maldivian overwater villas, built just off the shores.

What is the history of the Islands?

The history of the Maldives Islands are enshrouded in myths and legends. The islands used to be a haunt of lost travelers. There are references to the islands and its people in the Roman Manual of Navigation during 1st century AD. Ancient history testifies to the fact that Maldivians were not limited by their geographical isolation and traveled far and wide. This helped the world know about the islands and its natural beauty. This trend continues even today; despite its miniscule size, the Maldives Islands remains a popular destination for travelers worldwide.

What is the culture of the Maldives?

The islands, being part of established trade routes in the Indian Ocean, had its share of visitors and settlers, influencing its language and lifestyle. It was the meeting point of travelers from Africa, Arab countries, Malay Peninsula and mariners from Indonesia. Even as people from different parts of the world made Maldivian atolls their home, the genealogy of each atoll is different. The influence of other cultures is evident in the islanders’ art, craft, music and cuisine. Islam is the dominant faith here and superstition and influence of supernatural continue to play a major role in islanders’ lives. Folklores are plentiful and art forms display strong influence of other cultures. Open to adaptation and welcoming others with open arms, Maldivians continue to evolve in these modern times.

Is this a great place for a honeymoon?

The islands are the ideal destination for those who wish to get away from the hustle and bustle of modern life and just relax and unwind without a care in the world. Maldives’ upscale resorts are geared to take care of every need of their guests, making each of them feel special and privileged. This exclusivity, privacy and seclusion make the islands an excellent setting for weddings and honeymoons.