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The Republic of Guatemala is situated in Central America bordering the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. Mexico, Belize, Honduras and El Salvador are its neighbouring countries. Guatemala is where the volcanoes are high and active and the Mayan ruins are the most impressive. Do you want to book an accommodation in Guatemala? It is a wonderful destination. The country is very popular: a wooded area, delicious food and drink, monumental buildings and a surprising culture. Hotels are available for every budget. A cheap budget hotel is available from €30,00 per night. Are you booking a room in a central location? Then you have to count on an average of €135,00 per room. You can enjoy a sun holiday here. It is also popular in winter. Book your favorite hotel room in Guatemala quickly online. Choose one of the hotel providers and book rooms at the best price.

Capital cityGuatemala City
Price of hotel accommodation€76,00
Official languageSpanish
Official CurrencyGuatemalan quetzal (GTQ)
Best travel timeNovember to April
Number of inhabitants17.843.908
Total surface area108890 km2
Flag carrierDelta
Large Airport La Aurora International Airport (IATA:GUA)

Before you leave
Are you booking a hotel for a trip to Guatemala? Make sure you are well prepared. One of the most important cities is Guatemala City. The currency is Guatemalan quetzal (GTQ). The Guatemalan time zone is UTC−06:00. The official language: Spanish. There are about 17.843.908 inhabitants in the country. The area of the country is 108890 km2. Some additional practical info: the current voltage is 120 V, 60 Hz and the socket type is A / B. The international access code is +502.

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Special regions for your hotel stay in Guatemala

Guatemala has versatile holiday areas. Choose from the available regions in the list below. You can then find an explanation and check the possible hotel offers. Advice: also ask about hotel accommodations in Bahrain and El Salvador.

Populaire plekken in deze regio:

Explanation of public transportation in Guatemala

Guatemala has good public transport facilities. A major airport in this region is La Aurora International Airport. This is a very nice airport. The national airline company is Delta. They offer various destinations. You can also go there for a last-minute deal. On you can find more information about: tax for tourists, police and emergency services and visas & passports.

Main Attractions of Guatemala

Museo Nacional de Argueologia y Etnologia
Guatemala’s biggest collection of ancient Mayan artefacts is housed in this museum. Some items displayed are monumental stone sculptures, rare wooden lintels from temples and a room full of jade necklaces and masks.

Semuc Champey
Famed or its natural limestone bridge which is 300 metres long, this natural wonder is one of Guatemala’s favourite tourist destinations. A series of pool, located on top of the bridge, is good for swimming with its cool, flowing water. Semuc Champey is situated 9 kilometres south of Languin.

Tikal Ruins
Located on the north of the Department of Peten, Tikal Ruins is 65 kilometres from Flores city. The ruin is part of the Mayan Biosphere Reserve and is the only region of the world that is declared by UNESCO as both Cultural and Natural Patrimony of Humanity. The 10 square mile ruin features 3, 000 temples, shrines, ceremonial platforms, residences, ball courts, terraces, causeways and plazas.

Regular hotel prices

Guatemalan hotel prices depend on many factors. We place a price indication in the next figure.

Accommodation typeRates
Budget hotel€30,00
Standard room€76,00
Luxurious accommodation€135,00
Weekend vacation€228,00
Eating (per person)€21,00
Indication rates for an hotel stay in Guatemala

Climate & Weather Forecasts June 2024

Guatemala is a wonderful country. Take into account a Tropical monsoon and trade-wind littoral climate. The standard annual temp. is 23,7 degrees Celsius °C. Keep in mind some cooler temperatures in winter. During this period it is about 20,2°C degrees. Summer can get pretty hot. Arround 26,3 degrees centigrade. Below you will find the weather forecast for the next 7 days.